Monday, April 2, 2012

PAC2 (People Against Childhood Cancer)

A couple of years ago, Gregg, David and I flew to Indianapolis, Indiana, to take part in the Hope & Empowerment Event that was conceived by our friend, Michelle Tucker (a.k.a. "MothaTucka"). If it doesn't sound familiar, you can read about it HERE.
Michelle invited a group of us to share what we have learned on the journey with our children who have had cancer. I spoke with a particular emphasis on the importance of making hospice available for children who need it.

Did you know that hospice care isn't available everywhere? It isn't, and even where it is available, in some places there is no one willing to provide that care for a dying child. That means that you could be sent home from the hospital with a dying child, maybe even with a dying child and a brand-new baby or other children, and NO ONE WOULD COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND HELP YOU.

Think about that for a moment, please.

No one would visit and check on your child's disease process, answer your questions, take your calls when the pain surged out of control, come and help you resolve her digestive or breathing issues, help you take the best and most compassionate care of your dying child. No one. You would have to figure that out on your own. That is UNACCEPTABLE! So I went to Indiana to share how much it helped us to have hospice care, and to encourage them to set it up for their patients. And I'm grateful to say that it worked; they made changes for the better in Indiana.
Some of the great people we met at H & E
Other parents spoke about what they knew. One of those dear people was "AJ's Dad," who founded PAC2, or People Against Childhood Cancer. After his son AJ passed away from cancer, AJ's Dad created this wonderful "advocacy community on a mission to raise awareness of childhood cancer." PAC2 publishes regular updates pertaining to pediatric cancer via email, on their website and on facebook, including legislative news, progress in fundraising, awareness and research. It helps to keep us informed and connected to each other across the miles.
"PAC2 was founded in 2008 to provide the childhood cancer community a place to connect and support the mission of curing childhood cancer. It has since grown to over 5,000 members including nearly 100 childhood cancer organizations. PAC2 provides a national forum for sharing information and news and continually supports and promotes the efforts of all childhood cancer organizations. Its overall mission is reflected in its slogan 'One Voice Against Childhood Cancer.' PAC2 is an independent organization that does not raise funds or duplicate or compete with the efforts of its members."

Today, PAC2's February - March Update (newsletter) arrived, and in it is a link to my new book, along with two others. Thank you, PAC2!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I have never even thought about hospice care for a child....perhaps, my mind didn't want to go there?
Glad the changes have been made...again, good people making difference in the lives of many!