Monday, April 9, 2012

Blessed Easter Weekend

What a lovely weekend we had. It was fun, quiet, and family-centered.

The sun was out. We played tennis. We took walks - in the park and on the beach. We talked and heard more about David's classes, his upcoming trip to Florence, skiing, and college life. We skyped with my parents and talked to my brother and his family on the phone. We visited Gregg's parents.

I had quiet time to read the Easter Scriptures, since church is not high on the list of priorities for the guys.

On our beach walk on Easter Sunday, something big happened:  Gregg found his FIRST EVER Indian bead.
Close-up shot of Gregg's bead
This is a pretty big bead, in comparison with most of the ones we've found
I've written about these beads before. They are made of faceted glass, usually cobalt blue, and were traded by the Russians with the local Native Americans in exchange for fur pelts. We (my brother, sister and I) have been finding them since we were little children, but Gregg has never before found one...and on Easter Sunday, he did. Congratulations, Gregg!

We went out for dinner Saturday to The Loft in Poulsbo. They featured fresh halibut, with Dungeness Crab, asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. Gregg ordered that, and I had a taste...ohhh, my.

For Easter dinner, we made some of David's favorite dishes. I prepared a potato dish which I found in Edible Seattle magazine. Does your city have an "Edible" magazine? Apparently, it's available in a variety of places. Last month's issue was being offered for free at the ferry terminal, so I picked up a copy, and found a number of interesting articles and recipes in it. I've been wanting to try the Yukon Gold Potato Gratin with chevre, kale and onions, so that's what I made, along with David's requested kalbi ribs and "Strawberry Pretzel Salad" (which is really a sort of cheesecake).

Being me, I didn't specify Yukon Gold potatoes, so Gregg picked out baby (red) new potatoes, which we both like. No big deal, I thought. It was such fun doing the prep-cooking! But I will say that the recipe turned out to be much less "gratin" than I expected. Was it the different kind of potato? I don't know. It needed more liquid, so I won't recommend the recipe as is; I would want to tweak it a bit by adding more milk.
(Elizabeth, that is the wreath you sent some time ago, now dried, hanging on the bulletin board)
Even so, we enjoyed our dinner tremendously. It would have been nice to invite others to join us, but it felt right to simply savor David's presence. I hope you had a blessed weekend, whether you celebrated Easter or not. It certainly brought joy to us, and I am thankful - both for the family pleasures, and the gift of faith - and life - from God and His Son.


Ellen said...

I wonder how many of those Indian beads there are laying on a beach or submerged under water. Have you collected enough for a necklace?

Of a potato gratin dish...every once in awhile when I fix one they seem more liquidy as though the potatoes didn't soak up the liquid required while baking. Then other times a recipe seems dry. I don't know if different types of potatoes affect this or not.

What are kalbi ribs? A special sauce? Sounds good.....Your table feast was ample in your photo! Yummy!!!

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend, and those blue beads are very cool. It's hard to believe that they've been around that long, and how wonderful that David finally found one! I know my boys would be into that!

I imagine that you did need the Yukon Gold potatoes, and that it had something to do with the amount of starch in the potatoes. My Swiss husband would know for sure, and I'll try to remember to ask him. His gratin is incredible, as you can imagine!

And, thanks for the photo of the wreath. I'm so glad that it's everlasting --

AnnDeO said...

The Indian bead is such a treasure. I love when I come upon sea glass. And we have the Strawberry Pretzel Salad at Easter too. My Australian friends are horrified by this being called a "salad" So glad you had a joyful Easter.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So much good stuff here Karen....and you know how I love good stuff. :)
Glad David was home with you both; I know you DO savor every moment. Congrats to Gregg on finding the treasure on the beach. I do wonder how many are found, but don't know the history of them? That would be me.
I could not tell you a potato from a potatoe. Your meal sounds delish, as always.