Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carin & the Ben Towne Foundation Blog

Photo credit: Ben Towne Foundation
Our friends Carin & Jeff Towne started the Ben Towne Foundation in memory of their son, Ben. Ben was diagnosed with cancer on the very same day that our Katie passed away from cancer. When we were introduced to Carin & Jeff, we hit it off very quickly. As Carin says, we would be friends even if we hadn't met one another because our children died from cancer (yet that is how we met). You can't say that about every person you meet on this journey, but this friendship is real, and it is a gift.

Yesterday, Carin gave us another gift: she wrote about "Because of Katie" on her blog. Please take a few moments to go over and read what she has to say, check out their foundation's website, learn about Ben's life and what he has inspired. Ben's legacy is a beautiful one. I would rather he were here, doing what little boys should be doing, but since I can't have that, I admire what he has inspired. Ben's life, and the tragedy of his passing, are fueling change in the way that cancer will be treated. I am thankful that we are friends of the passionate, loving, hilarious, talented couple who are Ben's and Ryan's parents. They are taking their pain and using the energy to make something GOOD happen.

"Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused." - African saying


Ellen said...

I just finished reading what Carin wrote and I just watched their video they did and I am thinking to myself that I can never take for granted my children. Whenever we are together, when I can only talk to them on the phone because they are not nearby, I must remind myself that there are loving parents, like your family and like Ben's family, who wish with all their hearts that their child was here...I'm moved and it humbles me when I read your blog Karen....

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful family....and what a meaningful friendship you have with them.
I will go check out her blog.

kell said...

I read their blog when you posted about their family once before Karen, you are all inspiring families and am so pleased people are spreading the word about your book. The African saying is beautiful too.

Erin said...

Thank you for writing such an honest book about your journey. We have never met, but I found your book from the Ben Towne Foundation's blog and was so glad to see your publication.

My dream is to walk across the entire country someday (2018-2019) to raise funds for the Ben Towne Foundation, and use that "walking meditation" as time to write a book for caregivers of pediatric cancer patients.

Many blessings,
Erin Waterman