Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

I am sure that most people are thinking of Good Friday in the Christian sense.
I spent some time this morning reading and contemplating that kind of Good Friday. I love the Easter stories, and am very thankful for the gifts of faith and resonance that they stir within me. But this Good Friday, I am thankful for something else: our son is at home with us for the long weekend.

Gregg and I have adapted pretty well to the "empty nest." We are thrilled that David was accepted to a fine university, and that he loves being a student there. I feel grateful for this part of his life, and ours. But when he comes home, our hearts are lifted in a way that is difficult to put into words. It must be so for many parents whose child arrives from living away from home for weeks (or months) at a time. For us, who would be/should be also raising a 17-year old daughter, but are not, David's arrival is intensely joy-filled.

He actually arrived at home last evening. I was at the Dudleys' house, having picked up Leslie at the ferry for a photo shoot. I had planned to host everyone here at our house for dinner after the photo shoot, but had to change the venue, because Gregg has been "hosting" a cough/cold this week, and Leslie is in the middle of chemo. I didn't want her to catch anything from Gregg, so Heidi & Paul agreed that we could stay there for dinner. I brought brownies, wine, cider and satsumas, Heidi brought out cheese, bread, chips, made one of her fabulous salads, and we got barbecued ribs & cornbread from a local provider. Voila` - a movable feast!
A break in the shooting was the perfect opportunity for dinner, and David arrived at Dudleys' in time to eat. Just seeing his car pull into the driveway made my heart so happy! I walked out and gave him a hug before he had even turned off the car's radio. It is so good to see him.

David was able to assist with the after-dark portion of the shoot. Paul decided to torch their dried-out Christmas tree and use the flames as a backdrop in the night. The effect was dramatic, to say the least! Leslie looked like the picture of health and happiness, radiant with life and joy. She is a natural model.

Today, I made fresh juice and blueberry pancakes for David's breakfast, and then he asked me to shoot some hoops with him. We also took a drive to the county clerk's office to renew David's passport, because (drum roll, please) he is going to spend the autumn semester on the Gonzaga program in Italy! We are happy (and thrilled) for him.

Tonight, Gregg barbecued steaks for dinner, and I made rice and quinoa with fennel and bacon, and steamed broccoli to go with it. The guys are out playing basketball right now. The sun is setting, the sky is baby blue, pink and gray, the Sound is calm in front of our house...and it is a Good Friday, indeed.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful -- all of it, the food, the company, the beautiful place you live, your infectious happiness. And David looks a bit like John Kennedy Jr. in that photo -- very handsome and sophisticated!

Anonymous said...

This post made me so happy.
"Happy" Easter.
Much love,

kell said...

This is what I love and has hooked me into your blog Karen, all of this family,friends and food, it all sounds wonderful. How exciting for David, I loved that time of my life, university and travelling etc. Do you get to visit him in Italy?? Have a lovely Easter!

Princess Kate said...

Sounds like such a wonderful evening. Have a blessed Easter Season and enjoy your time with your son.

Robin Gaphni said...

I so understand your feelings when David comes home, Karen. It's that "roots and wings" thing. We give them wings to soar on, and are always grateful when they come home for a bit to their roots. Have a wonderful weekend together!

Karen said...

I get it too. Wish I had someone I love "coming home", but that day will have to wait for now. Have a blessed weekend, and enjoy every precious moment of it.
Much love to you all.

Kay said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend already in full bloom! Love seeing you happy and having such wonderful times. : )

Mary said...

Catching up here (so behind on all my favorite blogs!) I love hearing about David's visits home. He clearly loves being with you and vice versa.

And thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog and on my essay. I appreciate it more than I can express!

Leslie said...

Woohoo! What an amazing experience that will be for David. How fantastic! You guys must be over the moon with excitement :)

Thank you so much for your sweet words,the wonderful goodies and putting dinner together with Heidi. There's never a dull moment with Gertsenberger's or the Dudley's ;) I wish Gregg could've joined us. Hope he's 100% better by now. It was a thrill to see handsome David.

*I loved watching you run (not walk) to see David. A very special moment, indeed.

Paul is beyond talented. I don't think there's a strong enough word to describe his creativity and skill behind the camera. With a little make-up, Paul coaching poses, he can turn anyone into a model. He does that, and makes his subjects feel like one in a million! I treasure the photos he took, and I know my mom will just love them.

Truly a memorable day. If only we could've video taped the torching of the Christmas tree ... priceless.

Much Love!

Kimberly Barillas-Tilley said...

Happy Hearts and Easter Blessings to you and yours.

Ellen said...

How exciting for you son to be spending a semester in Italy...anyone I know who had a son or daughter do this has only said wonderful things and positive experiences.

I know what you mean by having our children come home. It feels "right" when they step foot in the door. Our daughters were not able to be here for Easter and I do miss them. Thankfully our son is still home with us for two more years and I don't know how I will feel about being an emptynester....

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up of late Karen...too much juggling and I can't figure out how to balance life these days.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'd say a very very good Friday for your family.
Italy? Oh he must be ecstatic!!!! Your meal menu's make me feel so lame. :)