Friday, February 24, 2012

Things the Dowager Countess Says

I am not a fan of television, but I love - love - love BBC productions, specifically their Masterpiece series. "Downton Abbey" has met and surpassed any expectation I might have of their excellent work.

Maggie Smith, the wonderful actress who plays the Dowager Countess of Grantham, consistently has many of the best lines in the show. She makes me laugh out loud in a series which is not a comedy, but a period drama. I love her and the way she brings her character to life. Here are some of the choicest tidbits, so far.

Looking forward to Season 3!

We've had company for a couple of days, and what a blessing it was. One of my friends from Camp Goodtimes, Leslie (a.k.a. "Pineapple") came to visit, and we had some good "girl time" here. Lots of cozy chatting, late nights, good food and laughter.

Paul & I put the finishing touches on the video we are making for Seattle Children's Hospital this week. The plan is to deliver it next week. I'm so excited to view the finished product all the way through, and to share it with those good people who are devoted to helping others who are sick and vulnerable. My hope in delivering this video is to help those in the caregiving field continue, and expand the reach of, family-centered care. If you know of any group, clinic, agency or institutions which would benefit from such a training video, please leave a comment for me, or send me a private email and we can discuss this. The video dovetails with my book, and it covers different ground, as well. We have interviewed many of the key members of Katie's care team, and their words and insights are priceless.

If you are a praying person, please keep the Camp Goodtimes family in your prayers, as many of them will be attending the Celebration of the Life of sweet Panda (Kathryn Bradley) tomorrow. May God bless and comfort the Bradley family - and the Camp GTW family!


Robin said...

I love the "I have lots of friends I don't like"!

And I loved in the last episode when Mary's American fiance threatened, "You'll never see me again," and she said, "You promise?"

Busy Bee Suz said...

Prayers for all those who love Panda....such a sweet young lady.
Thanks to you and another blog friend, I watched 4 episodes of this show today on netflix. I am SO hooked!!!
Who would have thunk it? Me?

ps. Karen, you've got to get rid of the word verification on your blog my is a nightmare.