Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

I wish each one of you a blessed day, whether you mark Ash Wednesday or not.

I have written about Ash Wednesday over the past few years. Those of you who have been readers for a while will know that Katie's 18-hour surgery started in the morning of Ash Wednesday, February 21, 2007, and that it went on through the night into the next morning. This religious holy day has become intertwined, for me, with Katie's surgery and the Herculean effort which the staff made to save her from the tumor.

However, after five years, it is less a day of traumatic memory than a day of gratitude for the care and skill of those who safely removed her tumor and gave her a second chance at life. It is good to see that the edges are softening around some of the trauma memories.

It is also a day to remember our relationship with God, and to come before Him with an open heart - though every day is a good day for that.

It is good to give thanks and praise.
Thanks be to God.

I will be over at Caron's Beach House blog today.


Elizabeth said...

I remember Katie today -- and you and your grace.

Sending love your way.

Everything Coastal said...

Very nice post - thinking of you today! Your wonderful guest blog post is up and running at Everything Coastal. Sorry it took me so long -had some power outage problems this morning...


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so thankful that your memories of this time are evolving into something better for your mind/heart.