Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Prayer Request

My blog-friend Robin, newly-ordained minister of the Word and the mother of Josh, Matt and Marissa, writer of the Metanioa and Gannet Girl blogs, is undergoing surgery (mastectomy for breast cancer) tomorrow morning. If you are a praying person, would you please hold Robin, her family and her medical team in your hearts and prayers? If you do not think of yourself as a praying person, could you send light and love and healing intention to them (same thing as prayer, in my book)? Thank you very much.

And while we're on the subject, I will add a request for prayers for blogger Kay as she recovers from a mastectomy, and blogger Allegra as she recovers from chemotherapy. Thank you!


Robin said...

You darling girl.

I am really scared.

Elizabeth said...

Prayers, candles, and healing intentions are all sent Robin's, Kay's and Allegra's way. Bless you Karen for asking for them --

Allegra Smith said...


I don't know you but for the wonderful things that Karen has said in conversation about you. So please don't be offended if I am addressing you directly, and Karen, please forgive me for using your blog as I have no other way of saying this:

You will be alright, don't be afraid of what you already know is there, the first step is the surgery, and then it comes the little dance - hopefully not for you - of the chemo. I won't lie to you it isn't easy but on the other hand we are all different. My husband sleeps his chemo away and eats and drinks as if nothing is happening.

I, wimp that I am, cannot even think of food. Imagine that?

Be strong, you have many wonderful people praying and believing that you are going to be alright, myself among them - among the people, not the wonderful :). Its alright to be scared of what we don't know but remember that some of us have gone before you to ease the path, and you will be doing the same for someone else. That will keep you in courage and hope.

Before I leave tomorrow I will make sure to light some candles for your complete recovery. Cancer is scary, but I am sure that if I can beat it, so will you.

Light and all good things to you in the coming days,


Mary Potts said...

Yes Karen. I, too, am requesting prayers for Robin in my blog post today. I will pray for Kay and Allegra as well.

Leslie said...

Many prayers and positve vibes were sent to Robin and her entire network of family and friends!

Kay said...

Oh thank you, sweet girl! :) I will be praying for Robin as well.