Friday, November 18, 2011

From "A Daily Spiritual Seed"

I have mentioned the devotional which I enjoy (via email) called "A Daily Spiritual Seed." Today's posting was so beautiful that I am quoting from it here, to share with you.

"Reflection on the Scripture

"As temples of God, we must remain fit and always become more holy. From time to time, we need to make changes in our lives - sometimes small, sometimes radical. It may be that all we need is the grace to be aware of the need for change, or we may need our tables overturned. We need not fear in either case, for Christ is committed to remain at our side to help us make whatever change of habit or heart that is needed.

"It is well to remember that the effort itself is formative. That is what God is asking from us.

"Our job will always be to keep our minds and hearts attentive to why God makes us a temple in the first place: to receive God's love and to return it by sharing it with others: our families and close circles of friends, our collaborators at work, the needy on the street, in the hospitals, soup kitchens, classrooms, or at any cross-roads we come to. God made us because God loves us. With that love comes a call: to be holy, prayerful, and ready to love others, even to the point of sacrificing ourselves for their sake. This call enables God to reach out, through us, with love for them and to help them become Holy. This is how the Kingdom of God grows." - by Kevin Kersten, S.J.

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"God made us because God loves us."

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