Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old Days, Part 2

K Nana PJB Coco JE
This was taken in the 1970s at my grandparents’ home. That’s me, looking through old photos with Nana (my grandmother, Emilie), my dad, Coco (my grandfather, Morton) and his cousin Johanna Eckstein. Her father, Nathan, was a great man in Seattle. (In looking this up, I found a superb historical resource on my mother’s family, the Schwabachers.)
K H.S. Grad 1977
Senior High School Portrait, 1977.
Bonnie & Karen @ Seabeck
My closest high school friend, Bonnie & I working at Seabeck Conference Center (camp), 1977.
Seabeck Staff 1977
Summer Staff at Seabeck (I’m in front, right).
D, J & K @Nana's
Debbie, Jim & me at Nana’s house.
Karen England 1979
On an art study program in England – 1979.
Karen England3 1979
West Dean College, England 1979.
Karen College Grad 1981
Graduation photo, 1981.
Karen Graduation 1981
Getting that diploma, cum laude, in the Illinois humidity, with multiple mosquito bites on my legs. Hooray for cap & long gown!
Sylvester Grads 1981
Housemates pose after the graduation ceremony. I’m in the middle.
K Boston (Westland Av)
With my first car, outside my apartment in Boston, 1981.
K Bride 1982
Even though the marriage was a disaster, the flowers and the dress were pretty.
K Bride & family1982
Me, Jim, Dad, Mom & Deb, 1982.
K & Leever's Grandma
With former grandmother-in-law (she was a competitive ballroom dancer, decades before Dancing with the Stars). Like my 1980s ‘do?
K & Susie Baker & Jeannie
Here I am with friends from college days, late 1980s.
K John Rosemarie & Grandma Burnett
With friends from Hollywood, during another era, just before I met Gregg.


deb colarossi said...

You are so beautiful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE this walk down memory lane with you. OF course, these are all NEW memories for me. LOL.
YOU have always been beautiful...and you continue to as well.
I love seeing the old fashions...and hairdos. :)
This cracked me up: "Even though the marriage was a disaster, the flowers and the dress were pretty."

You are the best.

Jim said...

Hi Karen! Time to 'catch up' a bit. Love the walk back into the 70's and 80's. What a nice looking family you have.