Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old Days, Part 3

GG & KB 1990 Formal
Gregg & I met in the autumn of 1989. Around the holidays, I had to attend a formal charity event with my work (in Public Finance, at the time), and he didn’t want to rent a tux – so I told him I would have to invite someone who would respect the dress code. He changed his mind, rented a tux, and he looked so handsome that I saw lots of women checking him out…meanwhile, I couldn’t afford to buy a formal gown, so I wore a 1960s cocktail dress that belonged to my mother. It was perfect for the occasion, and I enjoyed wearing it.
GG Kalaloch w/KB
We went to the coast with friends, and rented a house at Kalaloch.
GG Chelan Party
Gregg took me on his annual camping trip to Lake Chelan with his friends (I do believe that’s our friend [and insurance agent], playing fake guitar). Gregg looks as if he’s had a lot of sun, and perhaps just a few beers.
Group Chelan
The “Chelan Crowd.” I'm in the balloon-like purple shorts.
KB Chelan 1990
Take a good look – this may be the only photo you will ever see of me camping!
KB GG Chelan 1990
Dressing up for Luau Night was always a crazy-fun part of the camping trip.
GG Chelan Jumping Rock
Gregg on the left, cousin Kim on the right and ?? in the middle, about to jump off a 20-foot cliff into Lake Chelan. No one was hurt; they did this every year (we had 3 occupational therapists in the boat, all reminding the guys NOT to dive, & of the danger of head injuries).
KB GG June 1995
Flash forward: married for three years, we’re on our way to Gregg’s 20th high school reunion in 1994 (and I’m in the first weeks of pregnancy with Katie).


deb colarossi said...

how wonderful !
I'm just beaming here.

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my gosh, Karen!! These posts were SO much fun!!! Thank you so much for sharing these. Good Lord, woman, I'm jealous that you never went through that gawky teenager phase. You've been drop-dead gorgeous from Day One!

karen gerstenberger said...

ChiTown, for sure I did, but as I'm the author and photo editor here, I am NOT including the evidence! =) I was clueless about hair, makeup, fitness, etc. My sister was the knockout at that age, and she was into all of the girly stuff. I got great hand-me-downs, but didn't start wearing makeup until after I graduated from college - clueless, I tell you!

Mary Potts said...

This was so much fun! LOVE the 80's hair and clothes. Thanks for sharing. You truly were/are beautiful, Karen, inside and out.

Elizabeth said...

The both of you are adorable. And I'm partial to the shot of you two wearing madras shorts. Greg's are just the right length :)

Anonymous said...

These photos are SO beautiful! And you were always so glamourous - even when little! Wonderful clothes too! So sorry to hear about your dear friend Bob - glad you can remember such happy times together.

Irene x

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love all these sweet and Gregg have been a beautiful couple since day ONE.
I have to looked like a knockout even while camping. I also had those balloon shorts; could not be flattering on a single person. :) those photos of Gregg and his SHORT shorts. So cute.

Kay said...

There isn't anything wrong with not wearing makeup until after college (sorry I was reading the comments). My friends and I call it a "fresh faced girl" and we prefer it. My girl prefers herself that way and I'm glad...but it helps that she has flawless skin. Love your pictures. You and yours are all beautiful. So sweet! : )

karen gerstenberger said...

Kay, I agree with you! I still don't like putting on makeup, and I usually limit it to eyes and lips, with mineral powder foundation when necessary (for midlife breakouts). I'd rather wear NO makeup - but I look better with it, at this stage in life. C'est la vie.

kate hopper said...

I love these photos, Karen. I'm so looking forward to reading your story. Thanks for visiting Mother Words!

Jim said...

Wow! Katie really took after her Mom! You could be twins!
Nice of you share these memories, Karen.