Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fluff & Broken Stuff

It's Friday, the sun is out, and I'm having one of those days filled with mundane things to do. Nothing out of the ordinary:
Exercise - check.
Clean house - check.
Haircut, very short - check.
Run to lumber yard to buy thin sheet of wood (to protect newly finished kitchen floor at Mom & Dad's house when moving the refrigerator back into place) - check.
Pay & mail bills - check.
Pick up wedding ring from jeweler for THIRD repair of crack in band - check.

Okay, did that last one strike you as odd? I'm not a stonemason, landscaper, rock climber or boxer. How in the world have I cracked my wedding ring so many times? We've been married nearly 20 years, but it's a thick band - for which I specifically asked, because I didn't want to take it off a lot; I wanted to wear it doing whatever I do, indoors and out. I even told the designer that I go to the beach a lot, have been known to dig for clams, catch fish, go crabbing, kayaking, etc. I wanted a DURABLE wedding ring, so I got a nice, thick, rounded band.

I'm not a really buff gal - in fact, I'm only 5'1" - I don't do karate, don't chop concrete blocks in half, nor bend metal pipes with my bare hands. I'm a homemaker and writer, for goodness' sake. I clean the ring frequently because I like to see it shine, and I appreciate its beauty. I take very good care of it.

At first, I thought the crack was due to poor workmanship on the goldsmith's part during previous repairs, but the jeweler assures me that this is a fracture due to wear. She said, "I've never seen anything like this before. You wear that ring really hard." What, like a longshoreman or something?

Anyway, it's back on my left hand where it belongs, and the crack has been repaired.

This week, I discovered a mysterious cut in my left-front tire's sidewall. How in the heck did that happen? I could understand the curb-side getting dinged, but the driver's side? No clue - I take good care of my car - and I had NO IDEA how expensive tires are! Just FYI, in case you didn't know, if you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, and one tire needs to be replaced, (according to Les Schwab) they ALL need to be replaced. It has something to do with - well, I've forgotten why, but they are all supposed to be the same - if one is different, it tweaks something important.

It's been a fairly quiet week. I've been working on Guild stuff, taxes (yuck!) and on the transcript of our video project...voice-recognition software is miraculous, and it's also hilarious! Some of the nonsensical interpretations of what I said on video are a scream, when transcribed electronically. So in among the hard memories are moments of total comic relief.
He makes me laugh - I love him.
Tonight is date night, so I have to finish cleaning the house - and get myself ready. Happy weekend, everyone!


Kay said...

Very weird about you wearing your ring rough. How exactly does one wear a ring and wear it out? That is very weird, but I'm glad you have a jeweler that can put ya back together so your ring can be on your finger where it belongs! : ) Enjoy date night.

Mary Potts said...

Hope you and your guy have a nice evening. And, in spite of being just 5' 1'' you are one mighty force!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You wear your ring hard??? Huh?
I had issues with diamonds falling out of an anniversary band.. several times. I finally had the ring re-made and knock on issues.
Sounds like an expensive week at your Don't you hate spending that much money on something NOT pretty??? Yeah, me too.
Love that photo of you and Gregg~the joy/happiness is evident!

Ellen said...

That is weird about your wedding ring? Maybe a new anniversary ring and wear your wedding ring on a necklace?

Or just keep checking it out and taking it in for the repair work.

I was bothered when my setting on my engagement ring needed to be replaced. The original one held up for a long time but the diamond setting was getting worn out. Since then I have asked many times why the new setting catches on my sweaters or fine knits. The jeweler keeps saying that it looks fine.

Anonymous said...

I think look at fixing the wedding ring cracks as a metaphor of work on marriage - something every good relationship needs! Enjoy your date night!


Karen said...

Sorry I've been away. My computer network has been temperamental and not allowing me to make comments. But all seems to be well today. Loved catching up with you. Hope your date night and your weekend were good. And hoping today, Monday, the most difficult day of the week, is sailing along beautifully for you, too.
lots of love...