Saturday, April 2, 2011

Walking, Talking, Writing, Celebrating

It's been a busy week here. I
  • went back over to my parents' house to coordinate the repair of their freezer. Now the house is clean, and they are coming home next week!
  • took a walk on two different days with friends, one of whom is our former hospice nurse, Amy. Amy now works for a different health-care system, and I loved seeing her and hearing her thoughts. She will always have a special place in my heart.
  • finally re-started my Pilates practice. It's been nearly impossible to get back into a regular routine since we went into the hospital in 2006. Before Katie got sick, I had a regular Pilates routine and I loved it, and how it made me feel in my own body. I miss that feeling. I've tried many times to get it going again during the past 3+ years, only to fall away from it each time. Please may I not jinx it by putting this in writing! Walking is wonderful, but it's not enough, at this point (over 50).
  • spent a chunk of time editing the transcript of the video. It is slow-going, because of the voice-recognition software's interpretation of my words, as well as my own rambling. It takes a lot of time to work though the "um," "So at this point," etc., and to form the video journey into a readable narrative (which has a slightly different dynamic than a spoken one). It's great work, but it is tiring re-living it all, and writing with an ear and eye to flow and content, at the same time. I have many, many more hours to go, so I may not be writing here very much over the next few weeks.
  • went yesterday to the Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration of the Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association. Part of the meeting was on the topic of "A World Without Cancer." Rather than re-posting it here, I'll just ask you to click THIS link and read it over at Katie's Comforters Guild's blog. It's worth the trip, I promise!
Angela, Bev & me, with Heidi taking the photo
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Kay said...

I know this working so closely with your story for such a while will take it out of you, so I'm glad you've started Pilates again. The physical activity will be especially good for you right now. Hugs! : )

Elizabeth said...

It's always so good to "catch up" with you. I do wish I could attend those luncheons!

Good luck with your writing and Pilates, for sure!

Ellen said...

Getting back into a regime is always a bit of a challenge. Between some injuries and therapy I am out of shape. Over 50 is a challenge to get back to "Yeah, I can do this!" attitude. I want to go back to yoga but I am not ready with my arm..I could take an over 50 group but having a hard time admitting that yes, I am over 50. I do the treadmill with lots of elevation change up and started with hand weights.

Hope you are happy with the are your harshest critic be kind to yourself.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Best of luck with your new/renewed workout...hopefully you can make it stick. And send me some inspiration too. :)
The editing issue does sound daunting, but I know you will get through it.
Hope you found some time to relax too Karen; you deserve that as well.
Going to check out the linky.

rebecca said...

i have missed you while being so under the weather, i am finally, gratefully returning to life.
always a lift of heart when i visit you...thank you for that!