Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank You for this Quote, Mary

"The just woman,
though she die early,
shall be at rest,
for the age that is honorable
comes not with the passing of time,
nor can it be in terms of years.

Having become perfect in a short while,
she reached the fullness of a long career;
for her soul was pleasing to the Lord,
And she who pleased God was loved." 
  -The Book of Wisdom

I'm borrowing this quote from my blog-friend, Mary of Landing on My Feet, the mother of Erin. It fits her Erin so well, as it does Katie, and so many lovely, precious ones who have gone ahead of us, too soon for our hearts' and minds' timing.

Gregg, David and I sat at dinner tonight, at a table with four chairs, but there were three of us. I am so grateful for the presence of David, home from college, to make three. Yet I wondered what that empty chair would hold, if she were still with us. What would be their dynamic? Would they be thrilled to be together again? Would his absence have drawn them even closer? Or would she find him annoying? Would she be too young and provincial for him?
No...she never was, even when she was a baby and he a big 2-and-a-third or three-year-old. Even when she shrieked at him to remember to "KNOCK, PLEASE!" on her bedroom door before entering. He was so patient, and she was patient with his bossiness...the older-brother prerogative.
It seems to me, that, "Having become perfect in a short while, she reached the fullness of a long career; for her soul was pleasing to the Lord, And she who pleased God was loved."
Oh, yes, she was loved...and she still is.


ChiTown Girl said...

I'm so glad David is home now for break.

LOVE the adorable picture of your two babies together in the crib. So cute!

I hope it brings some comfort knowing how much Katie is loved, even by those of us who have never met her. {{{hugs}}}

deb said...

I am sure they would love each other still. They would be friends on facebook and everything. They would.

Your beautiful Katie is loved by me, her smile tucked in the life of far away woman who can never be reminded too often of the wonder and mystery and glory that is life .

bless you , Karen

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Karen, I've missed these little tidbits of life with Katie. I miss her, too, in my own small way. Brother and sister -- how beautiful, and I imagine you've captured, in these few words, their relationship perfectly.

amanda said...

Love It!!!!

Marina said...

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter.

Mary Potts said...

Oh, how they are loved... so loved, and so dearly missed. I can't believe it's a year today. I can't believe I've survived a whole year.

We just returned from a walk in the woods, and later will head over to Bronswood and then to mass, then on to dinner at one of Erin's favorite places, where that chair will be SO EMPTY. We will try hard to fill the vacuous space with our loving memories of her beautiful life.

Love to you Karen. Thinking of your sweet Katie too, and imagining how pleased God must be to have them both at His table.

Anonymous said...

And Karen, she is so beautiful, your Katie. My guess is she would be thrilled to have David home, and there would have been lots of laughter and chatter coming from that fourth seat.

I know how very much you miss her. God did a wonderful job creating our beautiful girls - Caroline, Katie and Erin...and so many others...

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers during this very special season of Christmas.

With love and understanding,

Caroline's mom

Karen said...

Siblings feel the loss so deeply. They have a unique relationship, and share memories and family history that no one else knows in the same way. Not even the parents. A precious reminiscence. I miss Katie and I never even knew her.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I adore these photos of your sweet kids.I am so happy David is home with you.
I too would have these same questions.
I question these things today about my brother and I. I wonder what our relationship would have been...
I suppose our life is full of unanswered questions. Although I fully expect to get some answers down the road.....
Enjoy your visit with David. I know you will.

Allegra Smith said...

The miracle of life repeated times two. She was loved indeed, and not only nothing has changed on that account she is even more loved now by those of us who know her only through you.

Oh I am sure David would be a perfect older brother and she would love him to bits, and you must know that as well. Sending you love from here, how I wish you could have come yesterday. It was so much fun and you would have enjoyed the girls, they are the best clients anyone could hope for.

Give our love to Gregg and you always have ours.

Daisy said...


Dawn ~ BJSMomma said...

Beautiful post, Beautiful Children , Beautiful Family, Beautiful LOVE!

AnnDeO said...

Your words "get" me. I am inspired by your beautiful heart.

sophie...^5 said...

Just Lovely!
Please hear me when I say that I hope you have a peaceful holiday season!