Thursday, December 16, 2010

News About Dr. Jensen from Seattle Children's Hospital

If you'd like to read about Dr. Mike Jensen's
ground-breaking pediatric cancer research,
click HERE.
Then read the article on page 2:
"Dr. Michael Jensen:
Seattle Native Returns Home to Change the Face of Cancer Treatment."

has arrived, and it needs our support so that it can become


Daisy said...

Wonderful! Always happy to hear of someone doing battle with that monster.


Gabriele said...

Thank you for posting this. I was just trying to explain Dr. Jensen's work to a friend whose son has a brain tumor. I'll forward her the link.

Jabacue said...

Here's to Dr.Jensen and the many researchers who are trying to 'crack the code' of this awful disease.

Gledwood said...

We had a kid with leukaemia in our school. What that and the treatment did to him was horrible, just horrible. I don't know whether he survived, I was 10, he was 8. Nasty.