Monday, December 6, 2010

A Thousand Cranes for Sophie

If you look on my sidebar, you will see the blog titled,
A Moon, Worn as if it Had Been a Shell
- it is the place where my friend Elizabeth Aquino writes. She writes in many other places, as well, and advocates for children's health care issues, while raising her gorgeous sons and her beautiful daughter, Sophie, who shares Katie's birthday.

Sophie has frequent seizures, and has done since she was 3 months old. Recently, Elizabeth reached out and asked that those of us who wish to might make origami cranes for Sophie, in paper, or in our minds, as a form of prayer for her. I love this idea...but I have a lot of trouble following this kind of direction. (My husband will be laughing here, because he thinks I have trouble following ANY sort of directions - not navigating, but directions from others). Even though I started a blanket-making and quilt-making guild, I have trouble with sewing patterns, building and repair instructions and, as it turns out, origami instructions, too.

In spite of that, I have done my best with Sophie's crane, and here it is, full of love and intention for her healing and blessing.
If any of you know how to finish this, please leave a comment for me!
This weekend, our furnace quit working (of course it did so on a weekend). We enjoyed some cozy fires in our woodstove, and I am tending that as I await the repair man's arrival. I love a good fire, and I love building and tending them. UPDATE: The furnace is fixed! HOORAY!

Over the weekend, we also went to Bellevue to see our brother-in-law (and to have the turn signal bulbs replaced in my car), took a walk with my sister and her dog, visited my brother at his office (can you say "hilarious workaholic?"), and visited Smileygirl and Tom. We had a beautiful and invigorating walk by the Sound at sunset with them and Wrigley. The sky turned the most electric shades of fuchsia, and it was glorious to see.

On Sunday, we did yardwork, visited Gregg's parents, and cut our Christmas tree at the tree farm (this is quite a different activity when it's done without children - not nearly as much fun, but still better than buying a pre-cut one). We are going to the farm again in a couple of weeks with our friends from the city, their kids and David, but David wanted us to cut ours - the one he chose - and have it up and decorated when he gets home from college for the holidays, so Gregg and I went to get it yesterday. It's drinking water from a bucket right now. I thought we might decorate the tree when Gregg's parents come over for dinner tomorrow night.

If you have any skills in origami, or desire to pray for Sophie, or just want to read some brilliant writing, stop over and see my dear Elizabeth at


Elizabeth said...

Oh, Karen. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. Your prayers are so needed right now for all of us, particularly Sophie. Thank you, again, for your generosity and grace and healing nature.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't do origami to save my life. But i love the idea of this, the thoughts....I will pray for Sophie.

Glad your heat is back on...I can't imagine how cold it is there.
Your weekend sounds wonderful Karen...have fun decorating the tree!!

Dawn said...

hi karen... suz sent me your link, and i'll go on over to your friend's blog. my daughter is a paper crane making machine. seriously. it's her "thing" and i am just betting that she will love to help!

karen gerstenberger said...

Dear Dawn, if your daughter would like to finish my crane for Sophie, I can send it to you!

Anonymous said...

In place of me being able to show you myself! I think it's easier than trying to follow a pattern.

What a lovely idea - a few years ago I visited the peace park in Hiroshima where they have all the paper cranes made in memory of the little girl Sadako who died from cancer after the atom bomb - very moving.


Kay said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that can't follow directions. I wouldn't be able to fold one of those if my life depended on it. But I can surely pray for sweet Sophie.

Looks like you had a busy weekend. Sounds fun to pick and cut your own tree. We take ours down from the attic. : ) Enjoy decorating it and getting ready for David to come home and see it.

Change for Good said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my brother in law and my sister. I really appreciate it.

karen gerstenberger said...

Irene - thank you so much! I got to the square, and got stuck again, but I will try again. It was much better to watch and fold along with her, but I'm slower than she is. =)

deb said...

What a joy filled post.

and Dawn? Hi! I always find it amazing when blog connections happen like this.

Karen said...

Such a beautful Asian tradition. I loved getting paper cranes when I lived in Maui, and miss that lovely encouragement. I wish I could help you finish it but I don't have the knack either. I am sending up my prayers for Sophie though,thanks to you.