Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas 2006 & Happy News in 2009

In 2006, Katie spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day in the hospital (and so did we). She was finishing up a round of chemotherapy, and she knew that she would feel better on intravenous anti-nausea medications than she would if we had to give them to her through her NG (nasogastric) tube at Ronald McDonald House. She elected to stay in the hospital as long as she could, to have more effective drugs, thus keeping her stomach happy longer, and being more comfortable, overall.

My sister, David and I went to Michael's Craft Store in the days preceding Christmas, to buy supplies for making a wreath, and two small trees for the kids to decorate. We brought Katie's tree to the hospital with us, after we decorated it at Ronald McDonald House. It's barely visible in the photo above; it brightened up the room, but it was still Christmas in a hospital room.

On Christmas Eve, Santa came with LOTS of gifts for all of the children. One of Katie's favorite nurses (Shauna, seen here with Santa) was taking care of her, so that helped to make Christmas Eve better. It wasn't a good way to spend Christmas Eve, but it was bearable.

Gregg's side of the family gathered in Poulsbo, and David went to be with them. We felt that he would have more fun there than he would with us in the hospital. He did.

David with cousin Joey and Mike.

David with cousin Joseph; cousin Kate is in the background.

David with Mike.

We moved Katie back to Ronald McDonald House on Christmas Day. My side of the family gathered with us in Seattle.

My brother, Jim, with me at RMcDH, 12.25.06. Note the ever-present pink bucket atop the armoire - one of many.
Gregg, me and my mom in our room at Ronald McDonald House, Christmas Day, 2006.
Back to Katie's nurse, Shauna: she has a wonderful temperament: calm, funny, intelligent, quick-witted, easy-going, unflappable, and kind. Shauna took wonderful care of Katie, and related very well to David, too.

Now, here is the happy news:  Shauna has become a MOTHER! We are thrilled for her. She has a blog about her journey to adopt her daughter from Ethiopia (on my sidebar: "My Greatest Adventure"). We wish them a delightful first Christmas together!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, this is wonderful!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am glad that you have some nice memories from this difficult time with Katie. Don't you love the craft stores????
Congrats to the new Mommy...may they have a wonderful life together!!! said...

OMG, David looks so young in these pictures! Amazing, how much he's grown these last 2 years...

shauna said...

Karen... thank you for all your love and support... I don't tell you that enough. I appreciate all your comments on my blog. I hope that you have a really nice Christmas... despite missing Katie so much. I can't believe it was 3 years ago that we all celebrated together in the hospital...
You are such an amazing mother. Wishing you all the best.

Gannet Girl said...

Beautiful pictures -- beautiful family - wonderful friend in Shauna.

Kay said...

I'm sure you treasure these pics even though they are obviously also painful to look at. Yes we have several of the ever present pick buckets too. Just awful, aren't they?!

But I do love to see pics of your loving, wonderful family! : )