Monday, October 5, 2009


Smileygirl brought visitors to see me today... from far away, across the country.

Karyn and her dog, Beverly, came to Poulsbo, all the way from New York!

We had lunch on the deck here at our house, and then went to wander through our little town, shopping, and seeing the sights. After that, we came home to get Gregg and David, and returned to town, to have dinner at
Burrata Bistro. YUM!
Bev can SMILE.
She models for the camera.

Look at that face, up close. She is truly smiling.

Isn't she so pretty?
(Karyn and Smileygirl are also very pretty and photogenic, but I've never seen a dog smile for the camera before. We took lots of photos.)

Bev is so good that she was able to go everywhere with us, without barking or causing any disruption at all! We shopped, visited a bakery, a coffee shop, a toy store, a bead store, met other dogs, ate in a restaurant, and she was an angel. She didn't even bark at Latte when they were in our house together.

And she liked you think it had anything to do with the doggie treats that I had waiting for her at our house? Or that cheese cracker from the bakery? I don't know, but I'm so glad that they came to visit us.

Have a wonderful time during the rest of your trip, Karyn and Bev. We loved having you (and Smileygirl) here!


Busy Bee Suz said...

How cute!! Bev is really smiling. :)
I love that. Sounds like a wonderful visit. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend Karen.

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, what a great visit. And, thanks for posting the great photos. I haven't seen my Smileygirl in so long!!! This post made me smile from ear to ear. :)

Karen and Joe said...

It took me several readings to figure out that the DOG is Bev, that Smiley Girl is your friend who brought Karyn and Bev for a visit. Did I get that right? I'm not too smart, cuz you ALL look like gorgeous smiley girls to me, but it's a perfect name for that darling little dog,hence the confusion. What I'm clear on: you had a lovely time with special friends and a dog that adores you for your treats!

karen gerstenberger said...

Karen, I added a few words to the posting to clarify. Smileygirl (Laura) is a hilarious blogger who I met online, when she lived in CA. Then she moved to Seattle, and we became friends in "real life." Karyn is a blogger who I met thru Smileygirl. She is a very funny writer and photographer.
This is a great example of why blogging is such fun, apart from the writing! (You can check out their blogs by following the links.)

Karen and Joe said...

Oh, thank you for that clarification. I will re-read with new insight! How wonderful that you have made IRL friends this way. I wouldn't have expected that, but just love hearing the idea of it...that's going to get me thinking in a whole new direction...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Bev is way too cute - I have never seen a dog smile like that! Speaking of blog friends, did you see that Nie is going to be on OPRAH tomorrow?
L. =]

Lakeland Jo said...

you all have lovely smiles- great pics

Renee said...

Karen you are so gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

I love you dear friend.

Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

That dog is the cutest!

Irene x

Renee said...

Kisses xxx and large kisses XXX.


Karyn said...

LOVE IT!!! Bev is such a baby! She hasn't stopped talking about you since she left!

AnnDeO said...

What an awesome day you were able to have with absolutely gorgeous friends... Bev especially - smiling for the camera.

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

Gorgeous Girlfriends !!! I owe you a pic of Wendy's Halloween Headstone - will do for sure. xoxo.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Oh. My. God. You are kidding me, right!???

The smiles popping off this post are millions of kilowatts and could light up the darkest lands!!! I love it!

I've always seen Karyn in her self photos making cute faces, but this is the first pic I've seen of her clearly. Beautiful face and smile!

Does Bev really have seven nipples??? Did you happen to count???

All of you look like sunshine. Gorgeous Gals Gone Wild - Poulsbo Eidtion.

Renee said...

Karen have a good weekend.

Love Renee xoxo