Monday, May 4, 2009

Keep It Clean

Do you know what these are?
And do you know what they are used for? (Keep it clean, folks!)
That's right: they are knee pads, used to protect your knees when you are scrubbing floors, which is what I did today.
It's a glamorous, high-society life here, I tell you!
But I love the feeling -- and the smell -- of a clean house...and I have one, today. It's so rewarding in and of itself...and tomorrow, I have a massage therapy appointment. A really perfect reward, in addition to the satisfaction of a job well done for my family.
One of my grandmothers would be very shocked indeed, and the other one would be thrilled.
By the way, purchasing these was a riot...I refused to take them through the checkout line. Yep, Gregg did it for me.


Elizabeth said...

You might think I'm sick, but I'm jealous. I think all the time about REALLY cleaning, the kind where you're on your hands and knees.And I'm curious about the rest -- what sort of utensil, what sort of cleaner? Did you really do the whole house?

Lakeland Jo said...

I hate cleaning, especially vacuuming. I am very lazy about it ( and employ a cleaner as part of my avoidance strategy!!).
Still, I am impressed by your knee pads. What a good idea.
Enjoy the massage therapy- sounds grand.
My email is
and we fly on May 22nd- can't wait.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I need some of those too. I end up using my gardening knee cushion. Hey-I cleaned my floors yesterday too!!! So funny, and the husband actually noticed yesterday. Usually my hard work goes unnoticed. :)
Enjoy your massage therapy!!!

Kay said...

Every now and then I get down there and do the floors. We have tile, so one day I got down there with the Magic Eraser and scrubbed the grout all over the kitchen, laundry room and dining area. I couldn't wave for a few days after that. (a-hem) So enjoy your massage... you deserve it. And probably need it! : )

ChiTown Girl said...

Anytime you feel like packing up those knee pads and heading over to ChiTown, let me know. Our place could use a proper scrubbing from top to bottom :(

karengberger said...

I used to have help in this department, every other week. I thought our house was too large for me to clean it by myself, and I didn't enjoy it.
I found out about, and decided that I could do it myself, and save money; it's been very satisfying. It's kind of like the nuns & monks used to say: work & pray. It's grounding, and it has made me appreciate my house in a new way.
I often use a sponge mop, but if I want to really scrub the hard floors, I use a stiff brush in a pail of hot water & liquid antibacterial (I know, Suz!) cleaner. I'll scrub a section, and then go over it with a rag. And yes, I do the whole house, but it's not all scrubbing. There is vacuuming, swiffering, etc. It takes most of a day to do it all.

Erin said...

AHH! I love a clean house. Unfortunately, mine isn't clean as much as I wish. Sometimes when I work REALLY hard and clean with all my might, I pretend to be a "visitor" to my house and walk through the front door to see how my hard work paid off.....and then the dogs walk in right behind me and mess it up.

I need to check out the flylady.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN. How did I miss this post?????!!!! I love to clean, but you and Suz take the CAKE in that department. I'm going to have to rev it up a notch (or five) to catch up with you two! Oh, and like Suz, I use my gardening pad as well. Ha!