Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Was Fun While it Lasted

Maribeth is on her way back to the midwest.

We had a good visit.
Latte adores MB;
she's his "girlfriend." Liger likes her, too, but Latte is the alpha male, so he has priority. Unfortunately, Latte killed a mouse last night, and proceeded to eat part of it (right in plain view - while sitting on top of the barbecue - ick!), so he didn't get any kisses after that.

MB & Alan's lovely daughter,Taylor, came over & spent last night here. It was wonderful to see her, too. She's da bomb.
Tay is one of Katie's favorite teens in the world. Katie looked up to her as an example of style and fun. She loved hanging out with Taylor and her friends, listening, sharing stories, being with the "older girls."

This photo is from a trip we took together, to hear James Taylor perform at the Gorge Amphitheater (on the bluffs of the Columbia River), in 2005. We spent the night in Leavenworth, a small town on the Wenatchee River. Taylor brought a friend along, and Katie had a blast while we floated down the river, having "girl talks" with them.

Tay & Katie spent some sweet hours together when Katie was very sick, watching movies, chatting or just doing nothing, but enjoying the togetherness.

We love you & your family, MB!


Kay said...

Sounds like a great friendship and a great few days to visit too!

And awww.. your kitty pics are just too cute too! And ewww on the mouse thing. :p lol

Busy Bee Suz said...

Latte got a mouse. Fun. My old cranky cat with no claws got a mouse (really, a rat) and left it by the front of the house. It will sit there until Coach gets home today!!! YUCK.
Love those pictures and Taylor is just a beauty isn't she????
So glad you have such good memories with this family....sorry your visit had to end.
Hugs, Suz