Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks, Again and TGIF

The littlest things can gladden the heart. The large ones, can, too.

Your prayers are not little things. They helped me through yesterday, last night, and today. Thank you for the steady stream of compassion and caring that has continually reminded me of how tender the love of God is...He (She) sends us to be with each other, to embody LOVE. And you have done that for me. Thank you.

I want to share a couple of other things that gladdened my heart yesterday and today. I have some friends who have faced addictions. They have taken the very brave steps to admit that they needed help, to get help, and to extend help to others. I have heard from some of those friends in the past few days, and their love and friendship has reminded me that all of us have pain, and that all of us have choices. Their humility and integrity are gifts in this world, and gifts that have come to them at a price. So I am encouraged by you, friends; you know who you are.

A big gift was received last night. A doctor, who we all love, & about whom I can hardly speak without getting emotional and full of memories, called us. This doctor is the kind of person you would dream of having as a caregiver (or a mentor) for your child. And this doctor invited our son to spend the evening with his family, and to go skiing with them tomorrow. Not only is David on his way there now; when he finished the phone conversation that brought the invitation, he looked straight upward, and said, "Thank you." I'm not sure if he was thanking God or Katie, but both deserve credit as the reason that we now know this very fine man.

Lastly, Gregg & I are going to have a nice little bit of quiet time here this weekend. Sadly, we have a memorial service to attend, but there is consolation in the fact that it is for a man who lived a long (90+ years), good, generous & productive life. And we are going to stop in to our friend's new restaurant (not open just yet) to add our support. The interior is incredibly cozy & beautiful.

Thank you, dear bloggers and readers. Your kindness has helped me through this awful week. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. ThankGoodnessIt'sFriday!


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is lovely to hear your spirit rise a bit.....
I hope David has a great time...and I think, he was thanking Katie and The good Lord. :) They go hand in hand, you know?
Enjoy your time together....I really look forward to Fridays...even though most of my days are the same. crazy, right?
talk to you soon,

amanda said...

Thank you for all your kind comments and sweet support. Know that I am always thinking about you and stopping by whether I comment or not. I was shopping the other day, bought these fun pajamas, and immediately thought of you and Katie. I never met her but have come to appreciate her spirit through your lovely writing. I hope that our comments bring you some peace and comfort.

Smileygirl said...

TGIF is right and let's hope no more quakes anytime soon! You guys must have really felt it cuz it was a lot closer to you.

Stay still earth.


Jennifer said...

Ahhh, relish your weekend. Sounds like a dreamy one. You really must post pictures and the big lowdown on your friend's restaurant when it opens. I'm halfway across the country and don't even know your friends, but -- call me crazy -- I'm somehow getting excited for it!

So good to hear about the various ways you have been sustained by Love -- God's love coming to you through so many people surrounding you (both in the real world and here in Web World).

Also loved hearing David's reaction to Katie's doctor asking him to come ski ... he always strikes me as an unusually sensitive and rather extraordinary chap. Hope he has a ball today.


Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I just found your blog and I am so sorry for the loss of your beaufitul daughter. Thank you for sharing your journey as I am sure that it is helping others. I will pray for you and your family!

Trueda said...


I hope this week is better than last!


Anonymous said...

It is good to hear another mom's heart and to be able to say, "Yes! Me, too!" That was my reaction to your previous post. The second year has been tougher in many ways. But we make a choice, don't we? To look at what God has given us, to appreciate His tender care in the midst of our pain, and to pick up our cross and carry on in the name of Jesus.

Thanks for your reminder...

Leigh Saxon

pinkychong said...

Sending you some sunshine from California. I always read your blog with the few minutes of spare time I have and always send you and your family good thoughts. A lady lives down the street from us and reminds me of you...she lives alone in a stone arts and crafts bungalow with three red maple trees and a yellow cat. She lost someone several years ago..maybe more. She always greets us with a smile on our daily walks. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us all. You are so strong and full of love..I hope to mother my boys with as much love as you do David and Katie. xo

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

Lazy Mom Leslie sent me your way. Your daughter is beautiful and I truly believe that one day you will be reunited with her again. I am so sorry for your loss. May the Lord be your Comforter. Your blog is a beautiful tribute to Katie

Anonymous said...

Hope things are going well for you this week. Are you heading to Seattle to be a part of Chumley's defense?

Thinking of you in Alaska! L

Anonymous said...

I envy you, Karen, in a good way. I've been reading through this blog and you are such a warm, sensitive and positive person. Your ability to see the good side of every situation and every thing that you have to do stuns me. You're courageous, and I'm really impressed by that. You've fought extreme battles and still, you're here, giving true value to what really matters in life and still being able to enjoy what life has to give.

I really admire that.