Monday, February 24, 2014

Nourishment from the Inside Out

This map shows the 32 acres of gardens, sculpture, casitas, pools, gyms and sacred spaces which comprise the ranch. The entire property is about 3,000 acres.

After settling into our casita, it was time for our first lunch at the ranch. What a revelation! The food is provided by the ranch's organic farm, Tres Estrellas, which is a two-mile hike away. The diet is vegetarian, with fish and eggs included. The kitchen can accomodate gluten-free, dairy-free and kosher diets. Everything is done with a smile and a spirit of hospitality.

To take a week off from shopping, meal-planning, cooking and cleaning up was a true vacation. I don't mind doing any of those tasks in my daily life, but to be able to savor locally grown, organic food, freshly sourced, thoughtfully prepared and artfully presented, three times a day was a luxury I deeply appreciated.
Meals are taken in the beautiful Spanish Colonial-style dining room, or on one of its lovely terraces. 
The white stucco walls with carved doorways and windows, glazed floor tiles, carved wood beams, and the round fireplace with spiral staircase encircling its chimney all add to the feeling of warmth and light.
A typical dinner. This would be preceded by a soup course, salad, and followed by dessert.

After lunch, we attended a first-time guests' orientation. It was conducted by two docents who were always available to help us find our way around or answer questions. They shared tips for making the most of our time at the ranch, and their suggestions were very useful.

In the evening after dinner, we had our choice of a movie or an educational talk, but we decided to return to our casita and plan for our first full day, using the schedule of class offerings provided. I lit the fire which had been laid by our housekeeper (she refreshed it every day so we could enjoy a fire each night).
We loved our bright, spacious bedroom
and the built-in window seats
 artistic touches were everywhere
the little "kitchen" alcove with specially-filtered water tap
yarn painting
more yarn painting
Even the bathroom had artistic flair

Being surrounded by so much color and art refreshed our souls each day. Living in a lovely, cozy, clean and well-furnished casita was a comfort. 

We were nourished at the ranch from the inside out.


Karen said...

Wow! Gorgeous place. Beautiful food. Your own fireplace. No wonder you were so enthralled by it. I would love to go too.

Kim Andersen said...

Beautiful! A feast for all the senses :)

Elizabeth said...

Big, big sighs from me -- I am so grateful that you had this time with your mother and so much beauty and relaxation to savor and remember and sustain you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a treat for you both…..I can only imagine how refreshed you both felt after a few days. I wanna go!