Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you lovely mothers out there
(and/or children of lovely mothers):
Happy Mother's Day to you
(and your mother)!

We've had a wonderful weekend here.
It began on Friday, when David arrived from college to spend the summer at home.
Now that's what I call a Mother's Day gift!

On Saturday, we slept in, took a walk in the sunshine, and drove to pick up Gregg's parents to take them out for lunch at the Tea Room at Port Gamble. Port Gamble is an historic village about 20 minutes' drive from our town. Gregg's Auntie Ruby used to live in Port Gamble, which was one of the first settlements out here, and was modeled upon the design of a New England town. The lumber mill was a big employer in the old days. Now the historic buildings are used for new pursuits. The Tea Room was originally a house, built in 1890.
Scones, Devonshire cream, jam, fruit tarts and quiche
Gregg's mother, Gregg, me, David & Gregg's father
I know that Elaine loved being with her younger son...
...just like I love being with mine!
The Tea Room offers a wide variety of luncheon items, including a traditional high tea. We enjoyed every bite of our lunch.

After we took Grandma and Grandpa back home, Gregg and I took a walk on the beach while David ran some errands. Then we made dinner, and afterward, our neighbors came over to play basketball with David on our court. Later, David went out to see more friends.

Today was my mom's turn. We got up, had our coffee, and I opened sweet cards from Gregg, David and Andrea & Mike. I love reading cards!
David also presented me with these:
What a great guy! Thank you, David!

Then we took gifts over to my parents' house so my mom could open them at home, and afterward, we took the ferry to Seattle.
We met Jim & Caroline at the club for Mother's Day Brunch buffet.
Jim LOVES dessert(s)!
Gregg likes his dessert, too
After a busy, sunny weekend full of family activities, I am thankful to be the mother of two precious children
(one is here, and one is in heaven - still so hard to belive that can possibly be true!)

with a man I adore (whether he is being silly or serious).
I am thankful to be the daughter of a good woman, who gave me a wonderful start in life, and who is still a great friend to me.
Thank you, God, for creating mothers, for allowing me by Your grace to become one, and for giving me the mother and the children You gave to me!


Karla said...

It sounds likeyouhadalovely day. I'm sure I say this every timeyoupost a photo of David, but he looks so grown up. Glad you get him home for the summer.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend. YAY! David's home for the summer!! Woo hoo!! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Darn it...I should not read your posts when I am already emotional!!!! *tears galore*
I am so happy that you and your peeps were able to see both mother's this weekend...what a blessing that is!
I love all the photos, and are those glasses that I see my friend is wearing? I've never seen them on you. Looking good Mrs. G!
And dangittoheck...David is getting more and more handsome each day!!!! I'm happy that you were treated like the princess that you are.
Happy belated mother's day to one of my favorites.

Teri Waag said...

Karen, thanks for posting your beautiful photos and honoring and sharing all of the past love your family has had! Heaven is SO close and so are those beautiful children of ours!!!
Blessings to all of you this mother's day!
Teri Waag

Karen said...

Oh, I love a good tea room. Can you believe I can't find one here. Have to go to DC or Charleston, or something. Lucky you. Lots of love given and received on your Mother's Day. I love the pix of you with your babies. So very sweet; and a privilege not to be taken for granted...I agree.