Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope that New Year's Eve was a fun night for you, however you spent it.

Some years, it seems best to have a quiet time at home with those closest to us. Some years, we've had a bonfire - for fun, and to symbolize what we are glad to let go of, as the year draws to a close. Some years, we feel like a party- and this year, we "got our party on" with friends, which was great fun.

Though I enjoy good food and drink, I am not a big consumer of alcohol. I didn't drink it at all until I was 40, because I grew up in a "dry" household, and because my paternal grandmother was an alcoholic, God bless her soul. It truly ruined her life and her relationships, so I have always been extremely wary of the genetic possibilities inherent in alcohol, and the sadness that my grandmother's addiction caused to those who loved her - including me.
Nana Edna was so much fun when she was sober!
Being 5'1" tall, I learned very quickly to go slowly when drinking alcohol, even wine. When I began to drink alcohol, Gregg (who has had many more years' experience with this than I) counseled me to drink a glass of water in between each glass of wine, and I do that. I stay away from hard liquor, except in fruity beverages such as daiquiris or margaritas. I'm low-key about it, but I do have a glass of wine or a beer most evenings.

On New Year's Eve, I followed my "rules" and drank a lot of water; between each glass of champagne, I re-hydrated. I ate dinner and snacks to keep a balance of food and drink in my system. During the party we sang, danced, talked, watched the kids set off fireworks, ate, drank, took photos, laughed and talked some more. When we left for home around 1:30, David was our designated driver. We took Tums and rehydrated when we arrived at home. In short, we did it all responsibly...yet I still spent part of the night lying on the bathroom floor! I guess even the best of intentions can get derailed at a good party.

The only funny thing about this is the fact that, as I lay on the floor, waiting for the nausea to pass, I did two things. I prayed for others who I know are having REAL health issues right now, especially offering my (stupidly, self-induced) suffering up for a particular few, and for Katie, in respect for their REAL suffering. The second thing I did - avoiding any and all thoughts of food - was to muse upon what I could write about the experience. You know that you're a writer when, in the throes of nausea, you think about what you're going to write the next day!

Happy, healthy New Year to you!


Elizabeth said...

Oh dear. This post made me laugh. I'm sorry -- but the image of you on the floor is just too much. And OF COURSE you thought of others when you were suffering. That is just so Karen!

Happy New Year to you, dear Karen. We are all so blessed to know you.

Ellen said...

What a way to start the New Year...poor you Karen! Sometimes you do the best and you still can have it backfire. Hope that you feel better today.....and next time do way less of the wine. Maybe it had a higher alcohol content.

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy New Year! I'm sorry you fun night had to end on a sour note. I can't say I'm at all surprised that you would be thinking of others during such an icky time. :)

Kay said...

I'm glad you enjoyed a great party...just wish it hadn't come back to bite you on the backside. But yes, very funny thinking about how to write about it, though. : ) Happy new year, friend.

Leslie said...

Karen, my dear friend, you crack me up. God bless you. In my early 20's I sent many nights "sleeping" on the bathroom floor with make up smeared all over my face (yes, I know my mom is reading this. Hi Mom!) Good for you for letting loose the responsible way. You probably didn't feel good the next day, but I'm aure it was worth all the fun you had. Happy New Year! <3

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, bless your sweet little low tolerance for alcohol heart.
I do appreciate you sharing this mis-step with us...I've done it more times than I care to share! I am glad you did have a great party before the nausea set in!
Isn't it great though, having that built in designated driver?
Happy new year!!!

AnnDeO said...

Oh, I so relate to this. I too did not have alcohol until I was 40, and it gets to me fast. You are so sweet thinking of others as you have the waves of nausea pass by. Happy New Year. Salude.

Pretty Things said...

Oh no on your tummy! But how amazing of you to think of others when I know you had to feel like complete crud.