Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas holiday. We had the privilege of joining the Stoner-Ginder-Cunningham family for a party a couple of nights before Christmas in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. It was very beautiful, and great fun to be with our extended family. No photos, but happy memories.

On Christmas Eve, we spent a quiet night together at home - perfect.

Christmas day brought a windstorm which knocked our power out as I was cooking French toast for breakfast. Fortunately, we have a gas range, so the breakfast was fine, and the power was restored. Later, we had the pleasure of seeing Gregg's side of the family at his brother Charlie & sister-in-law Cheri's house on the other side of town. The dinner featured some of Ina Garten's delicious recipes, cooked to perfection. Gregg and I contributed a chopped salad and a side dish, along with some beverages. We've hosted Christmas dinner in our home for the past two years, and while I love hosting, it was nice to be a guest this year. Again, no photos, but good memories.

My brother Jim, sister-in-law Caroline and nephew Phil visited my parents to celebrate Christmas with them in the sunshine. Yesterday, Jim & Caroline hosted our side of the family (minus my parents) for a delicious dinner in Bellevue. Before we gathered for dinner, we braved the Bellevue Square Mall craziness, and Gregg was able to replace his broken headphones at the Bose store. David bought a shirt at Nordstrom, I got two small items at Sephora, and then we moved on to the Bravern so that David could get his "fix" of what's new at Nieman Marcus - only window shopping there!

Gregg and I brought another chopped salad to the dinner. It travels well, is healthy, tasty and colorful.
Gregg prepping the salad at home before heading to my brother's house for (belated) Christmas dinner

Nephew Phil prepping gin & tonic, and Caroline getting ready to make gravy

Jim, Deb (our sister), David, Phil's girlfriend Rachel & Gregg at "cocktail hour."
Jim is sporting a sling due to a tennis injury from their vacation in the desert.
Rachel, Phil & David (I love the cousin-togetherness!)
Caroline, Gregg & me after dinner
Gregg, Deb, Jim, Rachel, Phil, David & Caroline
After dinner, I noticed the fabulous bone left over from the leg of lamb. I asked if our hosts or my sister had a crockpot (slow-cooker). They do, but they work full-time and were not inclined to make anything with it; they were going to get rid of the bone and all of the delicious herbs! I asked if we could have them, and made a delicious vegetable-barley soup today with the leftover bone, herbs and meat. We had it for dinner with a salad, and if I do say so myself, it was awesome. I love making (and eating) soup on a cold, wet, gray winter day!
Latte & Liger relaxing at our house on Christmas Eve
Happy New Year to you and yours!


Elizabeth said...

I don't know what more one could ask for -- family, friends, good food and drink! Your Christmas celebrations look like they were joyful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Allegra Smith said...

I know that kitchen! :) Your whole celebration looks wonderful and healthy and happy and all of that. Yesterday Frank stopped by and it was great to see him and be able to give him a hug. On the other side, both babies have what we are praying won't turn out to be Kennel cough. Although they are both completely up to date with their vaccines, they are acting a bit under the weather, so we are staying in instead of going out for a walk in the park. Love to all of you and I hope we can get together soon.

Mary Potts said...

It all sounds lovely, Karen. May the new year bring many blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Jim said...

That soup sounds delicious, Karen! Beef and barley if my fav....I will have to try lamb too!

Looks like a very good Christmas for your family....with family.
All the best for a Happy New Year.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh...such a fun post and I have SO many thoughts running through my tired old head. :)
Your HOME looks lovely in the last shot...and my cats would be envious, since they are outside. But I did get them heated pads to lay I get points for that?
Your family visits are just amazing and I know that you guys are the life of the party no matter where you go!
Do you know I have never eaten lamb? Nope. Not gonna do it. But I am happy that you are 'green' in your soup making, between the two of us we will save the planet. :)
Love that the three of you shop together, and I know David is a GOOD shopper. (good meaning, he has REALLY GOOD taste!0
Love the update Karen.

ps. I know you sent your cards out weeks ago, but I just tonight sat down and read yours. LOVE the updates...and NO, I don't know all of your news.

Love to you all!!!
Suz and Co.

Mary said...

It's so nice to be back to your blog, seeing your pictures, and reading about all your wonderful family and friends. Happy New Year Karen!

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

Hi Karen, may you and your family have a happy healthy New Year. It's been wonderful to see you evolve to where you are now. You are so courageous and a fine example to many. xoxo from the prairie. All is well here but not a bit of snow.

M said...

I came over from Busy Bee Suz's site.
Happy New Year!

Karla said...

Love the photos. Sounds like a very enjoyable evening and fabulous use of leftovers.