Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

Oh, my goodness, what a busy week! I am tired today...but it's a good kind of tired, overall.
Every day, I get up early to see who won the current stage of the Tour de France. Watch it again at dinnertime, from start to finish. Can you say "Addiction?"

On Monday, I cleaned the house - and it needed it! I thought I had an appointment for a massage, but Joanne (massage therapist) & I had our calendars mixed up.

On Tuesday, Paul and I went to Seattle to interview Julie & Tanya, Katie's Childlife and Social Workers from Seattle Children's Hospital. Julie is due to have a baby soon, and we needed to do this interview before that sweet little one arrives! Because a "media escort" was not available, we had to conduct the interview off-site (outside of the hospital) - which meant, in this case, a small park next to Ronald McDonald House. Very fitting, but not exactly QUIET.

The thoughts that Julie & Tanya shared with us were gems, and of huge value; they brought back so many memories for me. Julie and Tanya were basically the only two staff members who Katie welcomed into her room on a regular basis. She trusted them completely, and she enjoyed their company. They were genuine with her and with us, always. The were present. They could cope with whatever arose without blanching or freaking out. They had walked the path before, and they were not afraid. They helped me to be less afraid, and they helped me to advocate for my family...because they advocated for me. The two of them will have my deepest gratitude, for the rest of my life. So it was a privilege to hear their thoughts about Katie, about taking care of her and us, and about what she taught them.

Paul will have to find a way to mute the background sounds of trucks, cars and refrigeration systems from the parking lot of Metro Market next door. C'est la vie.

Tuesday night, Paul and Heidi and their wonderful kids joined us for dinner and a recap of the day's filming. Heidi brought wine and dessert: chocolate shells filled with sea salt caramel ice cream (I really wish I didn't know about this - best ice cream EVER!), fresh raspberries and mint.
Heidi brought this wine - I LOVE the name and the label!
Joanne and Beamer (her Welsh Corgi) stopped by with a bottle of wine, and stayed for dessert (Beamer had a slice of ham) and conversation. Our cats could NOT get over the fact that we had let a DOG in the house; usually, when we let Beamer in, the cats are outside. We looked at old photographs and told stories. It's fun to have friends from the 8th grade, like Paul, who "knew you when..."

Yesterday, I was out walking and Joanne stopped by, in her car. She had had a cancellation, and took me back to her home office, so I could have a massage! JOY. I really needed it; my hips were out of whack this week. One of the most wonderful things about living in this neighborhood is our neighbors, and Jo is one of our favorites.

I met Kathy H. this week. Kathy attended the same high school as Gregg, and read about Katie's Comforter's Guild in the local paper. She was moved to make fleece blankets for the hospital, and her first batch is of 29! Kathy really dove into the project, and her blankets are cozy and bright. They are going to be of great comfort to patients. You can see photos and read more at .

Gregg and I took a beautiful, long walk last night and ran into some friends. Delightful. Two stray cats have attempted to adopt me this week while I've been out walking. It's very tempting, but Gregg has said a clear and definite "NO" both times, so I couldn't sneak either of them home in my pocket.

I've been doing work for the guild, publicizing the latest news, uploading photos, promoting the Dairy Queen event on August 11th, and attending to correspondence. Meanwhile, washing clothes, exercising, shopping for food, preparing meals, cleaning up, running I'm definitely ready for the weekend!

This weekend, we are going to see friends and enjoy the sunshine that is predicted for our area - finally! We are also planning to host Gregg's parents for brunch on Saturday. The plan is for their house - the one in which they have lived for the past 45 years or so - to be put on the market this week. They have moved into assisted living. That is a big adjustment for everyone.

After grocery shopping today, I had to re-arrange things inside of the refrigerator. The massive (Costco) pickle jar had to go. Instead of pickles, here is what is inside of it now.
Beach glass! Much prettier than pickles.
Our whole family likes beach glass - even the Liger & Latte (pictured here)!


ChiTown Girl said...

The jar of beach glass is beautiful!

I'm a little pooped just READING about your week. Busy, busy, busy! I hope you have a relaxing weekend with your in-laws.

Elizabeth said...

Blogger just ate my very lengthy, appreciative comment about this post! Basically, I stated how exciting and productive your days of late have been. I also wondered if we would get to see the finished product of your project -- it just sounds like it's going to be amazing.

I loved hearing all of it --

karen gerstenberger said...

I will share when both the book & video are finished - you'll probably be begging me to stop talking about them by then!
The book is being reviewed, and publication will come next (either self-published or submitted to a publisher). The video is in process - we have more interviews to conduct, editing and more editing to do. But it's coming along...and is the reason I'm so quiet here now. I don't have much time to blog right now, but I try to keep up with all of you! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

You are now smack in the middle of your project, that was only a hope and a dream in the winter. Incredible answer to prayer, really. You are rolling now, gaining speed, momentum, and the doors are all opening before you. It's a treat to watch it unfold, and I can't wait to see the finished product. I am really, truly proud of you. You are giving a gift to everyone who deals with pediatric cancer. Knowing you, that is not surprising. Just such a labor of love and destiny.
And on another note, I love the sea glass too...much more photogenic than pickles.
Love you. Karen Johnson

Lynda said...

And I thought my week was busy...I'm exhausted but totally energized at the same time reading about your doings on the other side of the Sound. I LOVE LOVE your beach glass counter top. If I ever get my own bathroom, I will call you for a consult. Enjoy your weekend!