Saturday, July 2, 2011

Belated Birthday Gift

Today, I received my birthday gift from Gregg & David: a day spent on the beach in Port Townsend. The tides were just right today for a long hike.
When David returned from Arizona, he revealed to me that Alaska Airlines had "outed" my favorite beach in their in-flight magazine. I am a fan of Alaska Air - my sister-in-law works there; we fly with them as often as possible; we admire their safety record, service and work ethic. But I am NOT happy that they divulged the location of this place of peace, beauty and serenity to the masses. Today, there were a LOT of people there (compared to normal days).
We walked at least 4 miles each way, in the long-awaited (much-appreciated) sunshine, and enjoyed every bit. Around mile 3.5, we started to lose some of the others. We sat down for a picnic lunch, prepared by Gregg, and then walked some more. It was the perfect gift: a day of togetherness. I am thankful.
Showing off my "Spike" t-shirt (Spike is Gonzaga's mascot), a gift from David, against the backdrop of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.


Elizabeth said...

You are so buff and look beautiful in those pictures! I am so happy that those dear men of yours celebrated your birthday in such a meaningful way.

karen gerstenberger said...

Elizabeth, you are so kind (but I am not really buff - I have a little tummy hiding under "Spike" there). It was the best day, with those two beloved guys, in the fresh air and sunshine!

shannon said...

I so miss the northwest and do realize that you are so aware how lucky you are to live where you do. you look great-just like 4th grade(kind of) and you certainly seem to appreciate and enjoy what you have there. Give my regards to your parents!.....shannon P.

Mary Potts said...

So sorry your beach was outed. I guess some good secrets are hard to keep! Thanks for taking me with you on your walk through those beautiful pictures. What a place to be with a couple of good looking guys!

"Spike" hides the tummy well. Dontcha just love that tummy - UGH!!

Allegra Smith said...

I bet there is no other gift you would rather have than the one to walk with your two lovely fellows (even tho one of them is my boyfriend :)

You all look extremely happy and I wish Barry and I could have joined you. We are looking for a babysitter for the babies - in case I will be free from the wise physicians comes next week - and I will let you know when we will be around to walk with you. Hugs from here to all of you there.

Ellen said...

What an absolutely beautiful day you had. Look at the blue sky..I have got to get up to your neck of the woods and do some hiking. My face would have a permanent smile upon it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Should we write a letter to Alaska airlines??? :)
sorry your paradise has to be shared, but so glad you were able to enjoy the day with your boys. :)
Lovely photos....a long walk and a picnic sounds just lovely to me any day!!!!!

Karen said...

A writer did the same thing to Maui, and actually destroyed all the "secret spots". Why,I ask? So you have my sympathies, Karen. The locals work hard to find their places away from the crowds, and then it's all dashed by some thoughtless writer. Perhaps since it's in a magazine, instead of a book, it will go away in time. But that aside, it looks like an otherwise perfect day. I would love it as much as you. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you.
Big hugs,

Kay said...

Happy birthday..belated. I love the tee shirt. Too cute! : ) Looks like you had a fun pretty there!

Karla said...

That looks so wonderful. Sorry your secret spot has been outed. ;)