Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to March

UPDATE: good news: the tree has been cleared and the power lines are back up.
It's very windy today; a tree and power lines have already fallen in our road; that's not a good time to take a walk. I called the power company to report it hours ago, and have been cleaning house and doing chores.

I want to get outdoors for some exercise; the wind keeps rising and dying down, making me think I have an opening to go. It keeps fooling me; the weather has been going from this
to this
and back again, all day long.
Those photos were taken just a few minutes apart.
The waves are bigger than they look - if you enlarge the photos and look at the houses across the water, you can get an idea if their size.
Welcome to March in the Pacific Northwest!


Kay said...

Wow...changes so fast! Are you sure you aren't in Texas. One of our sayings here is "if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute". Lately I've felt like I didn't know if I should put on long sleeves or sandals. So I'm usually dressed too warm or too chilly no matter what I pick.

Hopefully you'll be able to get out there soon! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh....Mother nature is having a 'moment' isn't she????
I hope everyone is safe!

Karla said...

The weather has been quite indecisive our way too. The pictures are beautiful. I love the way you were able to capture the weather changes in the mood of the ocean.

Karen said...

Downed power lines notwithstanding, you live in a gorgeously gorgeous place. What a burst of life to look out your windows every morning.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Wowza. That reminds me of my days back in Chi-town. Springtime was always such a volatile time, one minute windy and overcast, next second sunny and breezy, and then lightning and thunder!

I left a comment over at Smileygirl’s regarding fennel, maybe it will help you too!


Tracey Axnick said...

So gorgeous... I just can't get over that view!

March is a crazy month here too... we've had snow storms and 85 degree temps (in the same year, even).

I guess that's what happens when Winter gives birth to Spring.

Allegra Smith said...

I thought of you while I was driving into the pea soup and the curtain of rain, remembering you telling us that night about coming down in the middle of the monsoon.

Thank you dear heart for your words, and your comforting me while the world went upside down during his surgery. I hope everything is fine, that today the camera fell in love with you as it should and know that you are missed and loved here and can't wait to see you and my boyfriend.

Hugs and much love with gratitude from both of us.

Mary Potts said...

And they call Chicago "the windy city"! I continue to be so jealous of the view you have each day. It's simply stunning.

Thank you for sending Robin my way. Her words of wisdom have touched others. Many of my readers are not bloggers and are shy about leaving comments so I receive emails instead. We truly do educate others as we travel this bumpy path.

And per your request, prayers are being sent. I'm sure it will be fabulous!