Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wall of Courage

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Thank you Angela Meek for taking these great photos!

Yesterday, Gregg and I joined the family of Hannah Hunt at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Bargain Boutique on Bainbridge Island for the unveiling of Katie’s and Hannah’s portraits on the boutique’s Wall of Courage.

The Bargain Boutique is a treasure trove – a fabulous thrift store, whose proceeds all benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Last year they donated $500,000 to the hospital!

The Wall of Courage contains portraits of local children who have been treated at the hospital. Brief biographies of the children are also available for reading in the store. Yesterday was the day that Hannah’s portrait and Katie’s portrait were revealed to the public, with a party for all who attended. I was asked to say a few words, so I spoke briefly about the family-centered care that our families received, and about what both of our families have done in gratitude for that care and current developments at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Hannah Hunt was a beautiful girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after Katie passed away. The Hunt/Ferguson family has established Hannah’s Hopeful Hearts, a charity that supports brain tumor research. Another family member created Hannah’s Hopeful Hats, which makes hats for cancer patients who have lost their hair. Hannah’s mother Reba has become a friend of mine.

If you are not a regular reader here, you can find out about the Katie Gerstenberger Endowment for Cancer Research (see the sidebar here) and Katie’s Comforters Guild (also on the sidebar) and the various projects I’ve undertaken in the past few years by reading my blog. If you're a regular here, you already know.

We are deeply thankful to the staff of the Bargain Boutique and to the members of our community who joined us at the unveiling yesterday. Thank you for honoring the memory of our beautiful girls in this way!
The local paper covered this event here.
"Beloved:  Bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God. He saved us and called us to a holy life, not according to our works but according to his own design and the grace bestowed on us in Christ Jesus before time began, but now made manifest through the appearance of our savior Christ Jesus, who destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel." - 2 Tm 1:8b-10
     "All you can pass on is what you have become; that is your blessing and gift for your children, your loved ones, your neighborhood, and the next generation, “grace upon grace” (John 1:16). Divine love bestowed is repaid by love alone.
     "Our lives seem small and insignificant, yet one life is a significant piece of the eternal and cosmic Christ, a short moment of Incarnation that is building up the Body of God.
     "You belong to God’s universe because everything belongs. Every part of you belongs, and no part need be rejected or denied, but only educated, healed, forgiven, and set free in new form. . . .
     "Nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy. All is transformed. Grace is everywhere." - Adapted from On the Threshold of Transformation, by Richard Rohr


ChiTown Girl said...

Looks like it was a wonderful event. Congratulations.

rebecca said...

i love this honoring and support to families in need.
thank you for sharing what is so close to many of our hearts.

Karen said...

Wow. What a day. There was so much powerful stuff packed into that one post. I am in awe of the amount of money that store gives to the hospital. I am in awe of yours and Katie's place in that whole big story. I am amazed at how you continue to touch so many with your lives. It is an ever-expanding circle and you are called to the work you are doing in a most direct way. May God continue to bless and enlarge your ministry to the hurting.
I am so proud of you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a wonderful event and honor for both families!!
I loved reading that article too Karen...even after reading your blog and Katie's story prior, I still learned something in this!!!
Congrats to you.

Angela said...

Karen - thanks for letting us be a part of was lovely...and listening to you speak - it's amazing! Love you!

Jim said...

Such positive activities for a good cause. And very supportive too.

Kay said...

This looks like an amazing event. I've come and read and come and read and there just aren't really words sometimes. I don't know how you go through all these events. But such an amazing store to donate so much to the hospital! Wow. : )