Monday, October 11, 2010

American Airlines Magazine Spotlights Our Friends @ Team Unite

Please follow this link to read an inspiring article in the American Airlines in-flight magazine, featuring our Hope & Empowerment/Team Unite friends, Heide Randall and Michelle Tucker: .
That's Heide on the far right, and Michelle in the middle. Team Unite co-founder, Dianne Killian is on our laps, and Henry Allen of the Brain Candy project is on the left.

By the way, Heide Randall also just shaved her head and raised money and awareness for cancer research, as one of the founding 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave! She was on Stand Up 2 Cancer with that group, all bald-headed. We are so proud of Heide & Michelle. Thank you, American Airlines!


Elizabeth said...

How fantastic! You are ALL the most amazing, good people --

Life with Kaishon said...

I truly love how dedicated you are to this cause. You are an inspiration.

Zoey's mom said...

My name is Heather,mom to our very own warrior girl,Zoey.

Elizabeth pointed me in your direction and how blessed I am that she did.

First and foremost,your Katie,such a beauty.Her joyful spirit just radiates from her pictures.And that missing joy must be such an indescribable void in your lives.

Having lived 8 months on a pediatric oncology floor,I have seen first hand the unspeakable but alongside that sorrow I have been bestowed some of the greatest joys I have known.Hard for some to comprehend that contradiction.Some of my dearest friends today,are mommies who have had to say goodbye to their precious children.I will never reconcile that.Ever.In fact,one incredible boy,named Pablo,the force behind pablove foundation,his dad just began his bike ride for his foundation,there in Seattle.And another friend,Laura,mom to angel Luke who passed away from neuroblastoma a year and a half ago,just moved to Seattle as well.

We too have a blanket project.Wish I could do more.Seems like I am spinning my wheels against these diseases but this project makes me feel less idle.We are getting ready to do our 6th deliver in the last year and the faces of these kids that receive them,remind me that it's not much,but it's something.Not enough.But something.

Well,thanks for allowing me to ramble.Will be back.Thank you for sharing your heart and your courageous daughter.

Jabacue said...

With all this very positive energy how can cancer not be beaten!!

LeighSW said...

What a cool article!

AnnDeO said...

An inspiring article and I also just wanted to thank you for the generous words about my son's Eagle project. I read them to him and he was moved. It may be cliche, but you are an inspiration to me.