Monday, July 26, 2010

Introducing...Everything Coastal

If you know me, you know that I'm truly a beach woman. I like to think that I started living at the beach before I was born, since my parents had a cabin on the shores of Puget Sound's salt water, well before I arrived.
I always feel most at home breathing salt air,
and dipping my toes in the sand and salt water,
and we've done our best to raise our kids
with the same opportunities and values.
So when Caron Denise White had a shop in Poulsbo called Caron's Beach House, it was one of my favorites. Caron has since relocated to the Bay Area of California, so her Beach House has gone virtual (you can visit it at the link above). She has a fabulous eye, and offers household items that those of us who love the beach would love to put into our homes. I dream of making over a house with things from Caron's shop.
So imagine my pleasure when Caron and her son and her sweetie came up for a visit, which coincided with a party we were throwing here!
They came, we partied together, and today, Caron posted on her blog, Everything Coastal, about the beach glass counter top that I made (it's in our guest bathroom). Not every guest will take photos while in your bathroom! Hop over and check out her beautiful ideas!
Thank you for the lovely posting, Caron. And thank you for mentioning
Katie's Comforters Guild!


Everything Coastal said...

you are the best!

Busy Bee Suz said...

going to check it out...she sounds like the perfect friend and guest!!

Karen said...

Fun! You know you're something of a celebrity when your bathroom shows up on the internet! Signing autographs?

deb said...

I love that you have so many photos.
I don't think I've done as well in that department.

love love your countertop.

I am so taken by how full full full your days and weeks seem.

your life blesses.
I so hope you feel it too.

Elizabeth said...

I'm catching up on you blog and loving the photos and your thoughts about friends and family and the beach! I have to admit that as I scroll down through these wonderful photos and see your Katie, radiant in each one, I feel intensely sad and angry that she was ripped from this life that you gave her. I know that she is with you always in memory, in spirit -- but I felt compelled to tell you that her affect on me is profound.

AnnDeO said...

The countertop is the best. I love the ocean salt water as well, but I live so far away. I need to post a photo of our fireplace surround with a tiny bit of personal creativity. You are an inspiration.

Robin said...

I love just immersing myself in these photos.

Tracey Axnick said...

WOW! You MADE that countertop? It's absolutely gorgeous!

I am 100$ with you about the beach and .... everything coastal.... LOVE IT... very centering and wonderful.