Saturday, July 24, 2010

If You're Wondering...

Gregg on our deck

...where I've been, I've been over at Katie's Comforters Guild's blogspot quite a bit, and updating the guild's facebook page, and coordinating deliveries of fabric and quilts, and writing "thank you" notes.

I've been working on Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, which is September, asking local businesses if they are willing to have a donation container on display for the month of September. We (the Seattle Children's Hospital Cancer Advocacy Network - C.A.N.) are working to raise $10,000 for cancer research during September. C.A.N. is also offering some beautiful art glass in a raffle here.
David & "the dudes" at Fort Worden

I've been driving David to and from the ferry dock (he rides the ferry to work), shopping for a car, buying groceries, washing clothes, cleaning house, preparing meals, doing dishes, exercising, doing a bit of yardwork, keeping up with friends, watching the Tour de France, and taking walks with Gregg. David and I spent a day in Seattle, shopping for his school clothes (Nordstrom & Brooks Brothers SALES!), and enjoyed lunch with Smileygirl.
"The dudes" and their parents with David
We've had visits from dear friends, and we've spent time with our parents.
I did research on my blog's visitor statistics, and  updated my resume and cover letter.

If I'm not here, please do check on Katie's Comforters Guild's blog. If it's quiet here, it's likely to be busy there!


Karla said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy.

amanda said...

You've been busy. I am so glad the comforter guild is doing well... One of these days, I will break out the sewing machine and get some quilts made... For now, wedding, wedding, wedding...

Jason, as himself said...

What a fabulous, productive, enjoyable summer. Good for you!

Ellen said...

You have such a beautiful smile...a busy woman with positive goals...quilting...I am such a beginner.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have been so busy!!!! Now, I feel like a slug. :0
Love the photos....keep them coming.
Hugs, Suz

Karen said...

That's an impressive list of accomplishments--mostly just the necessary maintenance of a rich and productive life. There are so many good things in that rundown of your life right now--family, friends, walks, talks, simple pleasures, and blessing others through Katie's Guild. All the best kinds of reasons to take time off the computer!

I'm trying to do the same--get my equilibrium. The road is bumpy for me again for some reason. Time to take a break from the computer and take a walk instead.

I feel very blessed to share life with you, even if only through photos and words here and there. You inspire me to carry on.

Everything Coastal said...

Hi! Am so excited to hear about all of the wonderful work being done at Katie's Comforters. You are such an inspiration. Thank you again for having us over for the party, we had a fabulous time.


rebecca said...

you are so shockingly beautiful!!!