Monday, June 14, 2010

Maribeth Was Here, etc.

Maribeth & Katie, resting at home before Katie's surgery.
Maribeth & Alan
Maribeth & Alan were here this week, and we had a bit of a house-party. (Well, if you call placing them in separate rooms, "a party." You see, Maribeth is 6 feet tall, and Alan is 6'7". She has just recovered from surgery, and all we have here are double beds - so they had to split up for the nights.)

Maribeth & Alan got to spend some days with their kids, celebrating the end of the school year (and nearly the end of college, for their eldest). She helped her daughter pack up her things for the summer, and moved some boxes over to our house.

We had lunch in one of our favorite pubs, ate yam fries and celebrated her "homecoming." Whenever we walk down the main street of Bainbridge Island, MB is given a heroine's welcome. In the yarn shop, the coffee shop, on street corners, everywhere - "You're HERE!" is heard, with delight on all sides. She is greatly beloved - and missed - here.

After she and Alan left for a few days in Bellingham with their family, we got into the school brouhaha that I mentioned in earlier posts. There were some parties this weekend, as well. The first one was for a small group of mothers who are going to be "empty-nesting" in the fall. It was fun and festive to gather with our kids. The kids went out to a movie after a while, so we mothers stayed and talked about the school years, current school brouhaha (see the "Outrageous" posting below), and some fun stories from the past. We drank a toast, and celebrated the coming graduation this Friday. Well done, ladies! Your kids are wonderful, and the future looks bright for all of them. Thank you for including me.

Saturday night was an impromptu dinner with a fun group that always makes me laugh. There were dogs, kids, a grandchild, cousins and friends, sharing potluck and barbecue. The best. Alas, no photos. What would you do if there were two women named "Carol" at your party? Give them names to differentiate, of course. Though both were pretty ladies, one was dubbed "Pretty Carol" (I think that was a family name), and the other was "High-Flying Carol" (she's a flight attendant). I suggested "Mile-High Carol," but that was vetoed.

On Sunday, I had a speaking engagement (more about this in the posting above), and while I did that, Gregg and David shopped for David's college computer needs. As we were returning to the Island, we met Maribeth & Alan on the boat, on their way back from Bellingham. We stopped at our local pub for beverages, and then went to pick up everyone's favorite Thai food (Sawatdy's) for a feast back at home. We sat up late into the night, talking. It was soul-filling to be together again.
Today, our friends got up early, packed, and are now on their way back to Kansas City. I miss them, and am so thankful that when they do come to visit, we are able to host them here. We love you, MB & Big Al! Come again soon.


Maggie May said...

It's such a comfort and joy to have friends like that.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love friends like wonderful. I had no idea that MB was that tall?
Your weekend sounds full and fun Karen. I of these weekends you will have me as your guest. I don't mind a double bed either. :)
It sounds like this group of Mothers (empty nesters) will be a nice sounding board for you as well. Vent, laugh, cry. :0

I forgot to mention in the post above, has Gregg tried the breathe right strips? They work for Jeff sometimes. But when I have to use two earplugs and I can stil hear him, it is frustrating. I hear you on the torture part.

karen gerstenberger said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Suz. Gregg has tried those, and they worked for about 2 weeks...then it got worse. I've heard it has to do with *ahem* aging. It feels as if I'm in an interrogation camp when he wakes me every hour or so...not good! I'm going to bed in a few minutes to see if I can catch up! Tired = cranky = no fun for anyone.

Allegra Smith said...

This is going to sound crazy but it works, snap your fingers just in front of his nose when he is snoring. Do it hard. The middle finger and the thumb as hard as you can do it and as loud as you can.

I know it doesn't last the whole night, but it gives enough time to at least get to sleep. And also it won't be a bad idea to have him go and check himself for sleep apnea.
Better to prevent than to cure is what nanny used to say and I agree.

Lovely to have time with friends, there are truly no better times than those we share with people we love.

karen gerstenberger said...

Allegra, I'll have to try that. Last night there was NO snoring, and I feel so much better!

Karen said...

I love those precious people who have been there with us. No words or explanations required.

David's leaving and you two are wonderful parents to launch him with so much care and support. How blessed he is. Praying for your empty nest and glad it is still full of so many friends, causes and visitors. That will help, Karen.

Kay said...

Sounds like you had a delightful time. I think 'Mile-High' is a pretty funny nickname, but I would probably veto it too. LOL

My hubs snored a lot and he did a sleep study to find out he had sleep apnea. He used the machine and the snoring stopped. He also lost some weight (not that your hubby needs to) and that has helped too. As the apnea is a physical thing, being thinner helps with that too.

Good luck. Going without sleep is NO fun!