Saturday, June 12, 2010

THAT'S Why We Put Up With the Rain

...because it's so beautiful here when the sun comes out!
I had breakfast on the deck this morning with Gregg and Latte. Then we took a walk on that beach, for several miles.
We saw
Mt. Rainier, 
bald eagles,
the largest Portuguese Man O'War (jellyfish) I've ever seen,
lots of boats and
many of our neighbors
sitting in the sun,
putting their kayak in the water and 
walking on the beach.
After we came home, Gregg mowed the lawn, while I pruned salal and rugosa roses.
Though rain-damaged, they are still beautiful and smell wonderful.
I cleared some of the new (over)growth from the path to the beach.
Admired the view from there.
Returned to enjoy some quiet time while the guys went golfing.
When the sun shines, there isn't a place more lovely than the Puget Sound, to me.

*Local Political Brouhaha: School Board Debacle Update:*
The superintendent of our school district went to our high school yesterday to meet with a group of 10 students and a parent. When this parent attempted to join the discussion, he was rebuffed - and stopped - by the superintendent of the school district. 

The superintendent spoke to the students, and answered some of their questions (regarding the issue of the French teacher being allowed to interview for the position again this year). David was present at that meeting; I was not, but heard about it from him and another. Some of the information given conflicted with what was said at the school board meeting. It was revealed to the superintendent during this visit that, after the other evening's school board meeting debacle, a school board member approached a student speaker who had been ejected and personally insulted him. There were witnesses to this, and the superintendent apparently has apologized on the board's behalf.

FYI: It is not allowed to refer to specific personnel by name in a school board meeting, and the students knew this when they attended. They wanted to discuss the issue, receive some answers and give their opinions; they were polite and prepared, and many parents were also present. Since the school board meeting is not the place for discussing this issue (specifically as it regards the French teacher), it is my opinion that the school board and administration need to offer an alternative time and place where they can listen, and speak, to the students. This issue still hasn't been PUBLICLY, openly discussed yet; answers are still lacking.


Maggie May said...

the photos make me envious. i'd like to be there.
your involvement and spirit make me happy. you rock.

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, I wish Laura had come to visit you today! She needs some scenery like that. :(

karen gerstenberger said...

Chi, her house faces across that same body of water towards ours, but there's an island or two in between. =) She should be seeing something very similar today, but facing west, so the sunset will be lovely for them. I hope your weather is great, too, Maggie May and Chi!

Mary Potts said...

A friend recently advised me to try to find something bigger than my grief, where I could escape if only for a while, to catch my breath and rejuvenate. She asked me what it would be.

I told her the ONLY thing that could possibly come even close to the depth of my sadness was water/the ocean. There are so many days when I want to throw my dog and a suitcase in the car and just start driving until I hit one of the coasts. Unfortunately, it's a pretty good distance to one or the other from Chicago!

So I have a favor. On the next beautiful day there, please walk on that gorgeous stretch of beach, and while doing so, think of me and ask God to send some of that peace... that which you can see and smell and hear... all the way to me here in little LaGrange, IL so I can try to feel a bit of it, until the day I do hop in the car.

Thank you Karen.

karen gerstenberger said...

Mary, I'm praying that right now, sitting by the window, and I will when I get back outside on the beach. Feel free to take one of the photos and pretend you are HERE.
Sending love and understanding.

Karen said...

Oooooo-aaahhhhh! Bea-u-ti-ful! Mother Nature gets a star!

School boards, on the other hand, lose points! boo!

Allegra Smith said...

Yes, finally sunshine! We share pretty much the same weather and today I am going out there into the wilderness of our garden and the orchard. So much to do! and I am dying to do it :)

About the school board. Whether or not they realize this they are a public owned "company". They are answerable to the "investors" and the product must live up not only to the claims made about it but also to the reputation of the company that makes it.

It is absolutely unacceptable for an adult to behave like a boor while trying to set an example. I think some of the Victorian rules are no longer viable about the children been seen but not heard. They are young adults who need to learn the rules of engagement with a great deal of respect extended to them so they can return it in kind. I am sticking to the pitchforks and torches with this group, however :)

Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing, I wish we could be together today to share the sunshine.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awww...Karen thanks for taking me on this little part of your day with you.
Such beauty all around you...I want to come visit with you guys.
I plan on having breakfast on the deck with Latte each morning too. :)

Kay said...

So sorry you're going through such a rough time with the school board. Just sounds nasty. I hate that for you.

But love the beauty you're getting to enjoy right now. Thanks for sharing it. Hard not to be jealous. :)

Stephanie S. said...

Those photos are so beautiful! I would love to come and visit someday soon. :)

Tracey Axnick said...

Intensely beautiful photos. Amazing that God has given us such natural beauty.... which serves no "functional purpose".... and is purely for our enjoyment.

He really really love us. :)