Friday, June 25, 2010

A Few More Photos

The view through the arbor that leads to the beach at Camp Goodtimes West.
David's, Gregg's and my hands, holding the biodegradable box filled with Katie's ashes, and the flowers we brought to send with them. The box is made to take on water, sink, and break down, naturally scattering the ashes.
The box and flowers in Gregg's hand.
Letting some of Katie's ashes go into the water of Puget Sound.
As I was letting the ashes fall through my fingers, I kept thinking of the words to the song from "Mamma Mia" that made Maribeth, Alan & me cry, when we saw it together in Seattle, years ago: "Slipping Through My Fingers." "The feeling that I'm losing her forever...Slipping through my fingers all the time." And I recalled Anne Lamott's words about scattering her best friend's ashes, and her mother's. She talked about how they were gritty, and not like fireplace ashes; they had bits of bone in them. I'm so thankful that I had read that, before we touched Katie's ashes, because it is true. They are different; they are human remains.

It occurred to me to create a very powerful message for Congress, using these photos and some others I have, and ask them: Do you really think that pediatric cancer research isn't important to fund? These are my 12-year old daughter's remains, all that remains of her precious body, the one I carried and delivered, into this world.

Do you think they would pay attention to that?

Thanks to Ann Marie Ogle & Paul Dudley for the beautiful photographs.


Elizabeth said...

Yes. On the photo and your appeal.

No. That you have to. That you have had to. Do this.

Love to you, always. And to Katie. Her memory is forever.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Dito to Elizabeth.
Your plea needs to be heard.

Your photos and words have touched my heart.

hugs to you, Suz

Truth Ferret said...

Karen, You have shared pieces of your family's heart and I treasure that gift. I can't imagine the pain of fulfilling this wish of your daughter. You are letting go of all the future dreams that will remain only dreams and not reality, as you feel the remains of Katie's future slip through your fingers.

God Bless you, Karen and your family.

I don't have funds to contribute for research to find the cure, but I have time, the internet and my words to help in anyway that you might need me. Please accept these meager talents and let me help in anyway that you might need.

Sincerely, Ferret.

Ellen said...

Katie...will be forever in all our minds and though I did not know her she was so loved, deeply. Your emotion filled photos I only wish were of her here with you running on the beach, laughing...but you have shared the letting go and when you talked about the song from "Mamma Mia" I knew the words, I cried those words...she has slipped from your fingers but always..always here...when you are happiest and even when you feel the ache of pain she will be forever with you..

ChiTown Girl said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing such a personal event with us. And, I say, DEFINITELY send these images, and your message, to Congress!

*My word ver is 'shwatie.' Sounds like it could've been a cute little knickname for Katie, doesn't it? :) Shweet Katie...

Mary Potts said...

I cried my way through that song "Slipping Through My Fingers" when I saw the movie - with Erin...knowing that someday...

Yes, the remains. Lord have mercy, when does it stop?!
You're so brave Karen.

Tracey Axnick said...

Powerful, Karen. You are an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and heartbreaking. I cannot begin to fathom your strength and courage. How do you bear it? Yes, send THESE photos and the story of precious Katie. My prayers continue to be with you. Pax.

Karen B.

Karen said...

beautiful. poignant. sad. all at once. I miss Katie, too.
Hugs and love to you all.

Smileygirl said...

Just listened to the song Slipping through my Fingers. What you and Katie had was so special, irreplaceable and probably a bond that most never reach in their relationships. Prayers and love to you both.

Cassandra said...

Such a touching post, Karen, and the photos are beautiful and poignant. He captures so many emotions in his photos.

I think that lobbying Congress is a great idea. If your letter and photos can be linked with a specific piece of proposed legislation that might be on their radar, that would be even more effective.

I agree that you are a brave, powerful woman.

shauna said...

okay... you made me cry. you are an amazing family and katie was such a special girl. the world misses her...