Monday, May 17, 2010

West Central District III Golf Tournament

I spent yesterday and today walking around two different golf courses.  David asked me to walk with him, and I said "Yes." I am not a golfer, but I am a mom, and a walker.

Yesterday was a sunny day, 4 hours of which were spent at White Horse with Gregg, my father and David. Gregg and Dad took a cart; David and I walked. It was about 5 miles all together. White Horse is the home course of David's high school golf team. He wanted to take another round (because Monday through Friday golf after school is just not enough), to warm up for a tournament today.

Last week, David and his teammates played in their League Championship, and David advanced to the District Tournament. Today, David and I got up at 4:45 A.M., showered, dressed, made breakfast, packed snacks for him, picked up his friend (and teammate) Kenny, and went to the West Central District III Golf Tournament at Eagle's Pride Golf Course (not quite as long a walk as the White Horse course, but at least 4 miles).
Today's Tournament was for the purpose of deciding who will advance to the Washington State WIAA Tournament. I walked 18 holes, near David, but not with him (the rules prohibit parents and coaches from walking along with/conferring with their players). Trust me - I am not a threat; I would have nothing of value to say about the game, except "Good shot!" or "That was nice!" I don't "get" golf.

David didn't advance to the State tournament, but he had fun - and he had the best (lowest) score in his league today.
Here are some photos from today's match.
This course had some HUGE trees.
Some of them looked like 2nd-growth timber (a bit younger than old-growth).
It also had rhododendrons and lots of Scotch Broom.
It had deep gullies and some water hazards.
Of course, there were also sand traps.
It was a joy to watch our son think, expend his best efforts, and enjoy himself, 
playing a sport that requires
good manners and self-control.
I saw lots of both today among the young players.
Good job, David! We're so proud of you.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Karen, it is so sweet that David wanted you to tag along! What a special guy he is.
I don't get golf either, but I admire people who work at it and enjoy it. I do love that it is a quiet sport WITH MANNERS. ;)
Congrats to David for a job well done.

ChiTown Girl said...

The scenery was, indeed, beautiful. I don't "get" golf, either. And yet, Tom is willing to let both of us be friend with him and Smiley! ;-)

Kay said...

I'm glad a young man with 'senioritis' had such fun having his mom around. I would have been snapping pix left and right too. Sooo pretty! I'm glad you went.. and walked.. and took pix for us. : )

Karen said...

Sounds like a PERFECT mom/son day. The pics are beautiful. You live in an amazing place, and since I've never been there, I really enjoy the photos. Congrats to your son on his great game. He's developing a skill that will give him a lifetime of relaxation and stress management. Good choice--better than football that way! Joey's "second father" is a golf coach, and he taught Joey the game. We've hosted some of his protegees in Maui when they were trying out for the U.S. Open. That's all I know about golf, except that it is really, really good for the people who play it.