Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Metcalfs and Camp Erin

When I spoke at the Moyer Foundation's Annual Giving Luncheon, I met a sweet couple named Jerry and Michele Metcalf. Their daughter, Erin, had liver cancer and passed away after surviving difficult chemotherapy treatment and a liver transplant. She is the inspiration behind Camp Erin, a nationwide camp for bereaved children that was started and is supported by the Moyer Foundation. Please watch this video and vote for her father, Jerry, in support of their work for bereaved children.


Anonymous said...

MY GOODNess you look sooooo smokinG INthis dress!! love the tights and YOU LOOK SO RED CARPET READY. I LOVE THAT ABout you.....think LEG LIFTS:)XOXOX KATIE WAS ONe lucky gal!!

michelle t

Maggie May said...

Every story I hear is like the first one...I always think oh my god how could that happen...

Starting a camp is amazing.