Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big Red Button

I've told so many people about this image in my mind that I decided to create it and post it here for you. (I'm pretty sure there is some reason I'm not supposed to do this, since it's STAPLES' image for their advertisements, so I'm giving them credit right here and now for the original.) This is adapted from STAPLES' big red button.
The edited version is my idea.

When I hear things that are clearly bulls**t, or when I am with someone whose company I can barely tolerate, I now see this button in my mind's eye.
I push it, and it makes a sound that has no word to describe it. "Beep!" is as close as I can get, but it's far more gutteral and dismissive than that.

Once that button is pushed, a trap door opens up below the person, and away they go - at least, in my mind's eye.

It's very satisfying.

I felt the need to share that with you. Feel free to use it, when necessary.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, honey, I need an ENORMOUS red button to deal with things at the Hell-Hole! ;-)

karen gerstenberger said...

Look - you can buy one for your desk! How cool is this?
and it benefits charity!

Allegra Smith said...

I have another one for you, one my nanny told me when I was young enough never to forget it. When in the presence of someone full of it and proud to boot, just imagine that person naked, with a big straw hat looking for something under the bed.

Somehow pomposity and the like have a way of quickly disappearing in the presence of this image. I love your red button tho, just as charming as you are.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...I have this button also, but mine does not go: Beep.
It is a little badder. Yours is more family friendly. I may need to borrow it!!!
You are too funny.

Jenny said...

Hi, saw you on Suz's blog and thought I'd see what was happening over here. I do this inside my head actually. But my button says "censor" and I try to not say what I'm really wanting to say at a certain moment!

Anonymous said...

HA! Too true—I love that! (AND I DO think about that button for the Match dates!)



Daisy said...

That is so funny, Karen! I think you're on to something there; much more useful than Staples' version, in my mind. Thank you for that image. Off to work. Let's see how many times I use my mental big red button today. Hopefully, I won't need to use it on myself... ;)


Karen said...

Love it!!! Extremely useful life tool, which I will adopt for my own use!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Seriously.

It was great to talk to you the other day Karen. Hopefully our paths will cross this month on one side of the water or the other.


AnnDeO said...

Oh yes! This helps so much... I can totally use your "button" this week.
Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome and a deep, deep belly laugh. Coming from you, the red button and the "beep" -- well, I take it as something that I must do and must visualize. If sweet and gentle Karen can do it, I will as well. The "beep" and the visualization of a person dropping out of mind. Awesome!

Leslie said...

I laughed out loud when I read this! It's 2:15am right now, and I can't sleep a wink.

Yet, I lay awake thinking about our chat on Thursday, and the "B.S. button" is one we BOTH have had to utilize ;)

B**LSHIT = zero tolerance


Paul said...

Please make one for me too Karen!!

deb said...

Okay , I love this Karen.
you're too funny.