Sunday, January 10, 2010

At Hopeful Parents Today

I'm over at Hopeful Parents today.


Kay said...

Such a beautiful piece, Karen! It stirred up things in me that I've kept pushed down for a very long time. I'm glad we weren't the only ones that couldn't 'watch' as their child's body was taken from them. We each spent time in his room, and took his stuffed animals off his bed (and off him). I stood in the doorway as they began their work and turned away as soon as I stepped in. I could not watch that. It hurts me and yet I'm thankful that I don't have that memory to deal with. And yet, at times, it's still a memory... almost like I was there and yet I wasn't.

Renee said...

You dear friend make me hopeful. You are pure beauty.


Karen said...

so beautiful and profound and perfect. like poetry. like bathing my heart in warm lavender scented water. soothing, healing words. thank you. love you and Katie.

Allegra Smith said...

Dear Karen, I read and re read your post at HP and I can only say that you touched me profoundly, as your note this morning did.

We have so many friends in common that it is truly strange we have not "met" before now. Just a couple of days ago Elizabeth told me about Sophie and Katie's sharing the same birthday and the same year. I guess angels never travel alone to this plane.

I know what it is to lose a child, I lost two at birth and although I didn't know the joy of raising them even if the price would be the misery of losing them, they are always in my heart. Always.
I don't speak about it anymore, forty years is a long time, but I still feel a tug to the heart every time I see a baby, and I know I always will.

There are no words of comfort I know of to offer but there is the wish for peace in the certainty that your daughter loves you wherever she is, that talking to her is natural and I am sure welcome by her. No one truly dies who lives in our heart. Thank you again for your kindness, I will come and visit often.