Friday, December 4, 2009

My Boyfriend

This is a photo of me and my boyfriend.
His name is Latte.

I wish I could videotape the blissed-out cat who is sitting on my lap. He is a huge, soft, white-gold fluff-ball of purring happiness. He can't get close enough to me; he has to be in the middle of whatever I am doing. He will plop down wherever I am trying to work...and he follows me if I leave the room, dogging my footsteps. He is like a dog.

His winter coat is silky, and thicker than any I have ever seen. He is a hunka-hunka burning cat-love, and he is MINE.

He looks at me with eyes of love and adoration that are real & true. He gets so relaxed when I rub his head and his tummy that he loses his bearings, and falls off the couch...head first. Note the back foot (thumper) that is stuck into my rib cage. He does this all of the time (I don't know why).

He loves me.
I think he thinks I'm his mother. Well, now, I guess I am.

His brother, Liger, loves me too, but Liger's first love is definitely David.

I have yet to win Chumley over, but I still have hope. Wrigley loves me, but Wrigs loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

I hope that you and your beasts have a wonderful weekend.

If you are a praying person,
please pray for Codi's family.
She went to heaven today.


Elizabeth said...

Oh. I'm so sad to hear of Cody's passing. I had been following her beautiful self on your blog. I will say prayers for her and for her family tonight when I go to bed. Thank you, Karen, for sharing a bit of Cody's life with us.

Busy Bee Suz said...

**My heart is breaking for Codi's family. I thought she was going to get better...this is such sad news**

Latte is one sweet cat and the love between the both of you is obvious. Hunka Hunka burning cat love? I laughed out loud!!!
I agree, Latte is your dog...he is a lot like Ozzie, my SHADOW. :)
Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Your cats are beautiful!

I don't think Chumley can be won over! haha...

Kay said...

I am so sorry to hear about Codi! These things never get easier to hear about... I'm so sorry.

I love your boyfriend. He's quite a cutie pie! : ) I wish MY cat enjoyed being near us like that.

Gannet Girl said...

I want that CAT.

Karyn said...

The cutest thing ever! You are so lucky to have kitty cat love! xoxoxo

AnnDeO said...

It seems sort of out of place, but not really, but when I heard about Codi and after reading your post I thought, "Aloha" -- with much tenderness and love.

Sean Fischer said...

You are just a substitute when I'm not there....don't let it go to your head......I will share my boyfriend with you while I am gone!!!!!HEEHEE

MB said...

somehow Sean's identity was up on your blog....he must have read it while he was here....anyway,the comments about Latte are MINE MINE MINE and mine alone!!!!!!! I love you guys tons!!!!

Jason, as himself said...

I think I love your boyfriend!