Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grief and Faith

My friend, Michelle Tucker (Henry Tucker's mom, and co-founder of Team Unite) posted a link to a site called Proactive Grieving on Henry's Caringbridge page.
If you are grieving, and wrestling with your faith-life paradigm in the midst of your grief, I recommend reading this beautiful article by a grieving dad.

A blog-friend (and fellow grieving mom, also named Karen), posted this lovely piece about our community. Her words express my feelings, and her image of the "quilt of comfort" touches a deep place within me - especially because of Katie's Comforters

As my blogger-friend Renee and her family say, "Together Strong."


Gannet Girl said...

Thank you for this, Karen.

Elizabeth said...

That letter about grief and faith and spirituality speaks to everyone, I think, who wrestles with questions about spirituality and faith. While I can only read about and not share that ultimate grief of losing one's child, I find great comfort in this man's words. They express so beautifully what has always been inarticulate for me. And instead of a defense of faith in the midst of loss, it's an affirmation. Thank you for posting it, and I will share it with many.

Maggie May said...

I have chills on my arms, my heart. I read the letter Kelly's father wrote and am so deeply profoundly grateful I did.
Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

Thanks so much for that link, Karen. It is very thoughtful and comforting, and Mitch says so many wise things in that short essay. It is such a good reminder that we need to be there for people as WE are God's hands.

As for the lost comment the other day, I was simply commenting on how very wise your cat is to stick close to you--the fount of all that's good!

My thoughts continue to be with Codi's family and the heartbreak I know they are experiencing. Hoping you are managing through these holidays, as well.
hugs and love to you.

Karen said...

Just read your comment on my blog. Thank you for your words. I needed that reminder that we all suffer--even Jesus and Mary, and that is what His sacrifice is about. Thanks for your comfort. I so appreciate you.

Renee said...

Yes Karen 'together strong'.

Jacquie use to say that to me all the time when I felt like I wanted to die from chemo.

And it did make us strong.

I love you dear friend and am so sorry for everyone who has lost their child. Nothing could be more crushing.

You are all, well, I don't even know how to finish that without sounding so trite that you would want to tell me to piss off.

You know that I love and admire you dear one.

Love Renee xoxo