Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Beautiful Autumn Day

We took a long walk was a GORGEOUS autumn morning.  Mount Rainier was clearly visible in the distance, as a ferry passed by.
Chairs by the shore, set to take advantage of the view. Another ferry can be seen in the distance, behind the dock. West Seattle is in the middle of the photo.

A majestic bald eagle surveyed the area from his perch, high in a tree.

These late-summer roses were still blooming.
I love roses.
Happy Autumn to you!


Elizabeth said...

So beautiful, Karen!Happy Autumn back!

Karen and Joe said...

Thanks for letting me enter your peaceful place for a little while. I LOVE blog mini-vacations when I get to "go there" for a few minutes. You live in such a beautiful place, Karen, and I find beauty is such a great solace. As always, thanks for sharing.

Lakeland Jo said...

I could live in Seattle -no doubt about it

AnnDeO said...

Such beautiful pictures. Glad you were able to be out in nature for a gorgeous fall day. My friend just shared a story with me. She is a high-profile coache's wife and their team had the opportunity to play in the new Texas stadium. As they were entering she was telling her sons about the incredible experience this was. Her 8 year-old replied, "I'm sure it doesn't beat that osprey catching the fish we saw last week" A National Geographic moment they had had while rafting in Montana. It's all perspective.

Dawn ~ BJSMomma said...

You know how envious I am don't ya....I just LOVE that truly captured my soul when we went up on it. I so want to CLIMB it one day. I absolutely adore Seattle. We were hoping to spend our Christmas in Washington...but with the 2 new little ones, I think that is out, for this year anyway...they are still adjusting to riding any length of time in a car seat! Perhaps one day, I can visit you in your piece of Heaven when I am out on the West Coast, and enjoy that BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN!

Enjoy your day!