Friday, September 25, 2009

Employee or Customer?

You know your life has become a bit odd when you are mistaken for an employee at the funeral home...while you wait for your daughter's ashes to be re-packaged and returned to you.

The other day, I took a beautiful, new wooden box to the funeral home, so that they could put some of Katie's ashes in it. The box is made by Demdaco, the company which makes the Willow Tree line of products. I have a few of their figurines; though I'm not a "knick-knack" collector, some of their figurines are very beautiful (and symbolic).

My friend, Angela, gave me an ornament which I like so much that I bought this box with the same image on it. If you are wondering why I chose mother and daughter, instead of an image representing our family of four, it's because Gregg and David do not feel the need to keep Katie's I chose a container that has special significance for me.

I was also able to bring home the little metal, heart-shaped urn that I wrote about here. It has a small amount of Katie's ashes in it; here is a photo of it, in my hand.
Katie had green eyes, and I see butterflies as a reminder of her spirit's presence with me, so I liked this. 

While I waited in a little conference room for the funeral director to take care of these "transfers" in his office, a woman came into the building in a hurry, and began to question me about her husband's remains. She stated in a rapid-fire manner that something had been forgotten, and the owner had promised to have them ready for her.
I was so stunned to be mistaken for an employee that I just stared at her for a moment, and then I said, "I do not work here; I'm a client."
She seemed confused, and continued to tell me what she needed.
I then told her that the owner was in his office, taking care of my family member's remains, and that he would be back soon.

I've been mistaken for an employee before, but this is the oddest place it's happened, so far.

On a lighter note, I've been working on mocking up a new website for Katie's Comforters Guild. Since I didn't like the wordpress version, and I don't know how to design a web page, I used a blogger template. Aside from the fact that it's a vertical format (I want a horizontal one, with a drop-down menu), I was able to put a lot of basic content into it yesterday. This will make it easier for our web designer to see what I am trying to tell him.

David is at home, in bed, with what looks like the flu, so I am pampering him, and he's getting lots of rest. Chicken soup, medicine, jello, fruit, hand sanitizer, 7-Up, crackers, repeat. I hope you have a healthy weekend!


Lakeland Jo said...

I got a willow tree angel recently and I just love it. I love that box, and the green heart. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a rude lady! Hope David feels better!

Gannet Girl said...

That happened to me at the crematorium, only it was a funeral home driver who asked me, as I waited through my son's creation, "How ya' doing'? They keepin' ya busy?"

I suppose I looked as much like a van driver as a mother?

The box is beautiful, and I hope David revels in the excellent care and feels better quickly!

ChiTown Girl said...

I ADORE Willow Tree anything! I've been collecting them since Stud was a baby. What a perfect box for you and Katie.

I hope David's feeling better soon. It just sucks to be sick!

Anonymous said...

The box is beautiful and I think it is also beautiful that you want to keep some ashes. My Mom's ashes are spread on Mt. Rainier, and everytime I see it, I think of her. Although it would be nice to have something I could hold, or touch...I love the little butterfly box. Hugs! L

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love both of the beautiful boxes you chose...both with great symbolic meaning to you.
I have been mistaken as an employee lots of places, but never a funeral home. I am sure this woman was under stress and emotions at the time.
Keep David in, and you too since you are the caregiver. :)
Lo had the flu a couple of weeks ago. She layed around for a few days and then was all good. Luckily no one else caught it. take care. Suz

Elizabeth said...

Don't know what to say other than "life is so strange." What a surreal experience that must have been -- doing something so significant, so fraught with emotion and being mistaken for someone impersonal. Oy vey.

I, too, love those Willow products. I have one of an angel that reminds me of Sophie.

Thanks for posting, and you're always in my thoughts as you traverse this rocky path.

Kay said...

I've been mistaken for an employee at the grocery store (since I know where more things are at than the employees) but NOT at the funeral home! I am soooo sorry you had to go through that. How awful and awkward. Makes me feel for both of you... everybody is under some sort of stress to be in there in the first place.

But I love both boxes. I love the figurine one... very special. And the butterfly one too. Our little guy liked butterflies so I have a soft place in my heart for anything 'butterfly' these days. :)

I hope David feels better soon and that everyone else in your house keeps from getting it. Like you said.. hand sanitizer, repeat!

Mary said...

The willow tree box and the heart are both so beautiful. I'm glad you found a place to keep some of Katie's ashes with you.

Anonymous said...

The boxes are beautiful - I have a willow tree figure too! Love their simplicity.

Hope David is better soon, and that you don't all catch it!


hawaii0712 said...

what a beautiful box. My son who passed had given me one of those figurines for Christmas last year. I am actually purchasing a necklace that holds a small bit of ashes in it. They have a beautiful mother and child one.
Hope David feels better.

Karen and Joe said...

I was traveling and must have missed this most important post. I love your treasure boxes, both of them. They are beautiful and full of meaning.

It is very difficult to brave the funeral home, and then to be mistaken there--oh my. I'm glad you are a gracious soul and rolled with that one.

Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us. I sense your relief.