Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creative Every Day = Demolition Wednesday

Creative Every Day is going to frequently take form in words and photographs, here. Today's is an odd topic, but it's what is happening, so here goes...

Across the street from our friend & neighbor Jo's house (can you see her lighted peace sign in the lower left corner? I love it) is a cute little place that was occupied by the same family for many years. That family was very neighborly and friendly with Jo. Their cute little cottage is being torn down today.

In the name of progress (because it's too expensive to restore), the new owner is tearing down a charming (well-worn) cottage that housed the same family for about 50 years. The husband is a great fisherman, who loved the neighborhood and could often be seen taking a walk, no matter what the weather. Alas, he and his wife developed some health problems, and they moved into an assisted living facility on the other side of town.

But their house...I had hoped that it would have another life, perhaps even be cleaned up and re-wired, re-roofed, plumbed, etc., or that a new family might move in and grow there. I even contacted a friend who owns property nearby, in the hope that the entire cottage might have been moved to their lot, if that would prevent its destruction, and help another family get a good start in a cute little fixer-upper.

It wasn't to be. This morning, as I took my walk, even before I arrived at the spot, I heard the growling sounds of a large machine's engine. When I got closer, this is what I saw:

The sounds of the demolition were awful. I felt the "crunching" of the huge shovel against wood and the "thud" of things falling, reverberating within me. You could hear it from a distance, whether you were coming or going.

All of the old wood paneling, the shingles, the stones of the fireplace, the floorboards that supported their family's memories, have been crushed, laid in a pile like trash, ready to put into a dumpster. It's heartbreaking.

I suppose that, to some, it's progress. But to me, it's the end of an era, and a waste.

I won't leave you on that note, however. Here is today's sunrise, captured over Bainbridge Island.
God's creativity, to offset Demolition Wednesday.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I love your last perfect.
I too am sad to see the "old" thrown out.....somethings seem that they would be better off staying the same. right? make sense?
Oh well, on the upside, perhaps you will have some new lively neighbors??? Change can take time...
love the sunrise pic. gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

Boy. I don't even know this family, and yet I felt the impact of the demolition as I read your words and saw the pictures. Seems so WRONG, somehow, doesn't it? I tend to favor restoring what was built long ago, though. In Chicago, where I live, it's always a bit melancholy and sad to see a historic, perfectly decent building (but for a little or a lot of work), demolished in favor of building a new one. To be fair, however, there are many amazing restorations too, and people who work very hard to preserve these buildings.

You were a witness, though, both to this family itself -- and to the sad destruction of their home. That means something.

And I like Suz's idea of getting some dreamy new neighbors!

Gorgeous sunrise. Loved seeing the picture of it. This one felt particularly peaceful.


Clippy Mat said...

that's sad but i hope something nice comes along in its place. nice neighbours for you to get to know maybe?
i loved the beautiful pic at the end of your piece.
thanks :-)

The Engine of the Family said...

Awww...what a cute little place! It's too bad they took it down. Look at Katie in that picture-I love it! The camera really loved her, it's beautiful!

Aftercancer said...

I don't know anything but what you've written and I'm bummed that the house is gone, it looks like one of those places that you would just stumble upon during a walk. Thanks for the kind words about my blog and I'm thrilled that it is helpful.

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

It rips me up too, seeing a little bungalow come down. Thank you for giving it life on your blog and leaving us with a beautiful sunrise to offset the demo. You are just the best!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I'm back, Karen! I said a prayer for you at mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. What an incredible honor to be there. So beautiful. So moving. I gazed upon Michelangelo's Pieta and wept.
I hope you are well...

Sherry said...

Beautiful sunrise. And so sad. I took a picture of my great grandfather's cabin near a lake when I was "home" this summer. I hope something like this doesn't happen to it EVER.