Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Visit with Andrea and Mike

We just got home from visiting our niece, Andrea and nephew, Mike at their new home in Bellingham. They moved up there this spring, and while we have missed having them nearby here, we know that this is a city after their own hearts, and we are happy for them. They are both super active, and it's obvious that they are very fulfilled living there.

Bellingham is a college town, but it is also a town that has a great population of outdoor enthusiasts. Bike paths, hiking/running trails, lakes and saltwater all give a variety of options to the active outdoorsman/woman. The town is also near Mount Baker for skiing and hiking, and near the North Cascades highway, leading into the mountains and to Winthrop, for more skiing (both downhill and cross-country). It's an easy drive from Bellingham to Seattle, to Vancouver, B.C., or to the San Juan Island ferries. Beautiful situation on Bellingham Bay allows for fishing boats and pleasure crafts to use the large marina; old buildings filled with interesting shops and good restaurants offer great variety for browsing and dining. It is a super place for a young couple to begin their marriage.

We enjoyed a brisk, soaking walk in the wind and rain yesterday (this was a good test for our new, lightweight rain jackets purchased on sale from REI, which passed with flying colors). After throwing our jeans & socks in the dryer, we had a great dinner in a restaurant that is owned and run by a family from Sicily. Today, though I intended to go to Mass with Andrea, we slept in and had breakfast together.
Then Andrea took Gregg and me for a walk around Lake Padden, and we followed that with some fun browsing in the shops of the Fairhaven district, while David and Mike took an invigorating mountain bike ride. We met them for a delicious lunch afterward.

Thank you, Mike and Andrea, for inviting us to stay with you! We loved getting to visit with you, and cuddling with Kink, Monk and Lena. God bless you in your new home.


Suz said...

I love the pictures. It looks like a great visit with some great people. The town sounds perfect.

Smileygirl said...

Hi my neighbor ;)

I haven't checked your blog in sooo long and now I come here tonight and see a pic of David who looks like he grew up about 5 more years! How did that happen?

Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend. I'm thinking of you and hope to see you soon =) Your messages were so sweet. We didn't make it over to REI but hopefully we'll try and hit Nordstrom while my sister is here.

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Hi Karen
Just to say thankyou for commenting on my blog and for sharing your beautiful daughter with me.
With understanding,