Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MB's Visit

Maribeth is on her way back to Kansas City now. We had a good visit, and funny enough, not one photograph was taken (but you have seen plenty of photos in this post). We went out to lunch with friends one day, and out to dinner (for her belated birthday celebration) last night. We all loved having her here.

By the way, if you are looking for a wonderful, unique property with a 180-degree view of Puget Sound and the Cascade mountains, with beach access and a guesthouse, check out their house on Bainbridge Island, which is still for sale.

I am going to spend a quiet day washing clothes, baking cookies and working on more "thank you" notes/updates for those who donated to Katie's endowment.

David has an "away" tennis match today, if it doesn't rain, but it's starting to sprinkle now. He could use a day off, as he has been fighting a cold for nearly a week. He has improved a great deal in his tennis playing. Going to camp really helped his game, as did taking lessons and playing during the rest of the summer. It's fun to watch him play in the matches at school.

This weekend is the National College Fair in Seattle, and next month is the PSAT. I tell you, the years from birth to age five seemed to C R A W L by, but once the kids started school, LOOKOUT! Time has simply flown faster, every single year.


Kay said...

I know what you mean about time. Sometimes I just want to freeze frame 'here'.... or 'here'.. but time does continue to zoom by. Ya made me laugh with the crawling thing thru the preschool years. So true! LOL

Karla W. said...

With Mandi, I couldn't wait to hurry on to the next step or the next milestone. With Sam, I've enjoyed each stage as she reaches it. With both it seems that time has just zoomed past.

I love the photos of your little darlings. :)

A said...

Oh my...I LOVE the pictures of them little...:)

Suz said...

I will take MB’s house off her hands…I just need to scrape up some pennies, then I’ll start packing. GORGEOUS. (she is too)
I agree with the school years flying by. So glad David is enjoying Tennis.
Both my girls have been fighting a cold too, it is that time. School germs + daily activities….get out that hand sanitizer!
LOVE the picture of the kids.