Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Fun

On Friday, my sister-in-law, Caroline, finished a week of MBA classes and stopped by for a visit. We had a great time catching up.

At dinner time, Gregg came home from work, and my parents joined us for hors d'oeuvres; then Caroline and I drove to the ferry to bring my brother, Jim, and nephew, Phil back to our house. Phil has been away all summer, in China, Europe, and moving into his new apartment in the Bay Area. We are so proud of him for graduating from UCSB in 3 years, and having a good job lined up before graduation!

Jim's birthday is in September, and he is a dessert-lover. I can easily recall his delight in the desserts that my grandmother's housekeeper, Jo, used to bake for us. Jo was a great cook and baker. Jim used to take the largest pieces of pie, and that made Jo happy.

On the way home from the ferry dock on Friday, we picked up "take-out" from our favorite Thai restaurant on Bainbridge, and we ate the pies that I had baked for dessert (one blackberry, and one blackberry-apple-rhubarb crisp). Jim took a large slice of each. You can see how happy he was with his plate full.

And you can see how happy my parents were to see their grandson, Phil!

David came home from his tennis match in Sequim (that's about an hour away from here) in time to have some dinner and a visit with everyone. Phil noticed that David has caught (and passed) him in height since they were last together...a bit of a surprise! It was a very nice evening.


Sheri said...

You and your brother are definitely family!

Suz said...

Looks fantastic. I think dessert is one of the best rewards in life!!!! Everyone looks so happy and that is just great.
Thank you for your nice comment...I am feeling a bit better now about my little ones wrist but still hoping family services does not show up at my door!!!