Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10th

Today is a significant day. I know of three important people who passed on this day: my friend Kathleen's son, Hayden Strum, in 1999; my (maternal) grandmother, Emilie Bloch Schwabacher, in 2000; my (long-distance) friend, Sheri's son, Joseph Morrison, just a year ago.

I want to salute the moms, Kathleen and Sheri, who bravely, fiercely and lovingly mothered their sons through the awful experiences of childhood cancer. It was because Kathleen had shared her experiences with me that I knew that a family could approach the cancer journey any way that suited them...including moving to Ronald McDonald House for as long as necessary. Her example also showed me that you could create an endowment to benefit a cause you want to support...and my Nana Emilie was a great supporter of the very hospital where Katie was treated, before we ever dreamed of needing it. It's kind of a circle.

Please think about the gift of those who you love. If you like to pray for others, you might want to pray for Hayden's and Joseph's families, and the many families who are missing loved ones right now (caringbridge, for example). If you don't like to pray in words, you could just send love.

To Kathleen and Sheri: my prayers for comfort and love for you and your family today, and always. Your boys' lives have blessed me. Thank you.

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S/K/O said...

These lives ARE such a gift. Thank you for reminding us of the joy that each person who has touched our lives has given us.