Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Ship, Christmas Tree

Here are some photos from the Christmas Cruise that I mentioned before.

David has been pretty seriously into Christmas lights; Gregg was the same way, as a kid (he still loves them). David has found as many strings of lights as he can, and hung them all over our yard. It's very cheerful, especially with the days so short now.

We had a nice weekend, starting with Gregg's return from 12 days in Japan on Saturday morning. He called me from the ferry dock around 9:30 a.m., saying, "Do you want to go get a Christmas tree today?" So after he had a chance to catch his breath, change clothes & go for a walk with me, we bundled up and took off for one of the local tree farms. I have been ambivalent about doing this, since Katie isn't here, and it's a family tradition with us. But "the boys" were excited, so off we went. It was a beautiful, sunny, cold, clear day. We (finally!) found a tree that we all agreed upon, the guys cut it, and we were set to go.

Yesterday, we trimmed the tree, with Christmas music playing in the background and two glassybaby ( candles lit in Katie's honor. We hung lots of ornaments that the kids had made during their grade school years, and those are some of my favorite ones. They each have a baby ornament, too, and some of their own favorites. So now it is looking very festive and beautiful, with lots of lights (of course). Since this is the cats' first year with a Christmas tree, they are very curious about it...and so far, no cat disasters!


Karla W. said...

I'm glad you had a good time together getting and decorating your tree. I can totally relate about the cats' curiosity. Sammie is the same way. She loves to grab the "BALLS!!" (always spoken with great enthusiam). There are two ornaments that for some reason she always kisses...we still haven't figured out why, but it's sweet.

Stephen and Melanie said...

David is already a ladies man... You had better keep an eye on him! Glad you had such a nice time! We have missed having a tree this year so we got a string of lights and put them up in our room. That and lighting a candle really helps with the Christmas atmosphere!! Stay safe in the weather!

Joe said...


I have written David a note to say how much I appreciate him (however I have yet to send it). His playing with our children made me more than full. I see the beauty in David as I saw the beauty in Katie. When we play there will be joy! When I sit at Katie's bench with my children we will sit in remembrance. Joe