Thursday, December 6, 2007

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Here is our Christmas card for 2007 (the only change we made is that the type is black, instead of purple). Photo & design credit go to: Paul Dudley Photography

David and I took a cruise last night on the Argosy Christmas Ship. Santa was there for photographs, and there was a choir from David's school singing carols. It was really fun: a clear, starry night, good music, pleasant company and a decorated ship! I wish that Gregg could have experienced it, but I know that enough photos were taken so that he will have a chance to see what it was like. If you ever have the opportunity to do this, I hope you will take it. Argosy's website shows the schedule for the cruises:

Often, there is a parade of private boats that follows the Argosy boat. That would be fun to see, too. They dedicated the cruise to Katie, which was lovely of them. The only difficulty I had was when the choir began to sing "White Christmas," which was one of Katie's (and my) favorite movies. We watched it countless times during the past year, no matter the season; Katie & I loved Bing Crosby, and we thought he looked like Gregg's dad (Grandpa G). Other than that, it was a lovely evening. Thank you, Paul, Heidi, and Argosy Cruises.

Today, I received the paperwork for The Katie Gerstenberger Endowment for Cancer Research at Children's Hospital. It continues to grow, because of the generosity of people who care about Katie & our family. So far, it is over $53,000. We are so grateful for this, and we hope, hope, hope that it will help researchers to make progress in the treatment and cure of pediatric tumors that occur outside of the brain (like Katie's). The income from the endowment can be used for basic, translational or clinical research; the principal stays intact, and can grow. It is a great way to honor Katie's memory. THANK YOU!


Karla W. said...

Beautiful card, it was a wonderful idea to have several photos put together like that. The cruise sounds wonderful. I think RMH offered somthing like that last year, the family went, but I staed at the hospital as Sammie was pretty sick from the chemo.

Stephen and Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing your family Christmas card with us. It's wonderful. Love you guys.

Diane said...

I love White Christmas, too; defintely part of our Christmas ritual. I was just quoting from it the other day -- "what do you do with a general, when he stops being a general, oh what do you do with a general who's retired?" It feels to me a lot like how we feel when we lose someone out of our lives -- what do you do with all those mother-of-a-girl instincts when the girl is gone?

But the song I love most -- and sing most often --is "sisters!". Though I have no sisters of my own, I have many outside my immediate family: i'm grateful you are one of them.

fiona said...

tonight at work i saw the card you sent to the scca unit and turned it over and found the address of your blog - so wanted to write and tell you i think of you all often and will do so especially during this holiday season
the card is beautiful - many of us who cared for katie are appreciating it and reminiscing about our time with her and your family
much love