Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I Thee Endow"

Today, we have some good news: The Katie Gerstenberger Endowment for cancer research at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center is official! Last evening, a representative from Children's came to our home with the paperwork, and Gregg and I signed it. The funds are in place now, due to the generosity of our family and friends -- THANK YOU! It can always be added to, but the important thing today is that minimum has been met, so the hospital can begin to use the income from the endowment for research to find treatment/cure for solid tumors occuring outside of the brain. HOORAY! and THANKS AGAIN for helping to make this dream a reality. I think it would make Katie happy and proud.

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Karla W. said...

That is really neat! I never thought about how those things's really cool that you were able to get it all put in place. :)